Bi Six-Sentence Stories

An old tribal leader is bored with his life because he has everything he could possibly want. He then spots an object in the distance and longs for that item, showing that objects aren’t what create happiness.

1. An old war veteran tribal leader wants a possession that he has never had before.

2. He spots the possession just out of his reach and think of a way to get it.

3. However he cant reach it because there is a very large canyon separating him from his new possession

4. Can’t get across panics with frustration and from failed attempts.

5. He then decides to give up all of the worldly possessions he already owns to retrieve the one new possession.

6. He is then able to bridge the gap but once he acquires the possession he instantly becomes bored with it.

A prickly character is lonely after years of not having companionship. He then stumbles upon an object that can show him comfort however enable to aquire something you must always give something up.

1. A prickly character wants something to keep him from being so lonely all the time.

2. After all these years the prickly character finds a symbolic item that he can hold and comfort to keep him company.

3. However his spikes get in the way of obtaining and being able to hold the object.

4. The conflict erupts that he has nothing to cover his spikes with to make them safe and he really loves his spikes.

5. He then discovers a way to remove his spikes that mean a lot to him to be able to find comfort from the object he has found.

6. The main character is then able to fall asleep happily with his new object and is no longer lonely.

6 thoughts on “Bi Six-Sentence Stories

  1.   wolfa on September 5th, 2008          

    I really like both of these ideas, for they are both original and seem like they would be an enjoyable short animation to watch. The only question I had about the first one was what are the tribe leader’s intentions with the animal?…food…play? But the idea of throwing his possessions down a gorge or something to make a bridge to his goal is a great idea.
    The second story was just as good as the first, though the popping of the balloon might be tricky to animate correctly. However, the idea of corking himself would look great. The overall idea I took from this is love requires sacrifice, and since your main character would be a monster with feelings, you might want to make sure that he doesn’t look overly grim; he can be evil but some cute physical traits might help the viewer connect to the character easier. You might study “Monsters Inc.” characters for reference.

  2.   kbresna on September 6th, 2008          

    both stories are interesting but I got rather confused with the random pit in the first one. I hope there’s a better story behind that if you were to animate it. I think the second one sounds very cool and cute (prolly not what ur going for). The story is very interesting andit makes you wonder how a creature like that could show love.

  3.   amrinep on September 6th, 2008          

    Very creative stories! I think I like the first one the most because of the sacrifice involved. I think it would be a lot harder to get rid of all his stuff for just one little animal (or whatever) when all the second character has to do is uncover his spikes. Maybe the second story would be more dramatic if he actually totally rid himself of his spikes.

  4.   Drift Rank SEO on July 8th, 2019          

    Even I liked the first story since it involves sacrifice.

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