Bi Six-Sentence Stories

An old tribal leader is bored with his life because he has everything he could possibly want. He then spots an object in the distance and longs for that item, showing that objects aren’t what create happiness.

1. An old war veteran tribal leader wants a possession that he has never had before.

2. He spots the possession just out of his reach and think of a way to get it.

3. However he cant reach it because there is a very large canyon separating him from his new possession

4. Can’t get across panics with frustration and from failed attempts.

5. He then decides to give up all of the worldly possessions he already owns to retrieve the one new possession.

6. He is then able to bridge the gap but once he acquires the possession he instantly becomes bored with it.

A prickly character is lonely after years of not having companionship. He then stumbles upon an object that can show him comfort however enable to aquire something you must always give something up.

1. A prickly character wants something to keep him from being so lonely all the time.

2. After all these years the prickly character finds a symbolic item that he can hold and comfort to keep him company.

3. However his spikes get in the way of obtaining and being able to hold the object.

4. The conflict erupts that he has nothing to cover his spikes with to make them safe and he really loves his spikes.

5. He then discovers a way to remove his spikes that mean a lot to him to be able to find comfort from the object he has found.

6. The main character is then able to fall asleep happily with his new object and is no longer lonely.

12 Concepts horned and vailed.

1. Fitting in, a basic need of all humans. Stick a normal person into the world with unacceptable traits,spikes pertuding from the spine, glass bones, detachable limbs, or the inability to feel pain, then supply them with the ability to love inanimate objects. Have those objects taken away and watch the creature/human struggle to get his precious possesions back.

2. Poverty can cause the sane to become insane. Give a man everything and then take it all away. watch as he swirms to find himself in an alien world of roaches and starving nights.

3. Your classic hero. Heart broken after giving his whole heart to a fair maiden who spit in his face and left him with nothing. Saved by a true love who only needs a hero. However the hero has lost his will to fight at the same time his heart was taken.

4. The more you give the more poeple are willing to take. Meet Carter a humble shop owner who allows poeple to borrow money here and there. Slowly they begin asking him for more and more. Finally when it comes time that he needs money no one is there to help. The more poeple can relate the more they will be interested.

5. Sometimes if you can’t stand up for yourself someone will come around and stand up for you. A little boy who constantly picked on pushed around who has a best friend that always tries to stick up for him even though he is the same size and has the same capability. The passion that the friend develops and finally pushes himself to become strong enough to keep his friend safe form the bullys.

6. The farther you fall the harder it will be to pick yourself back up. After years and years of running and having a beautiful life a young athlete retires thinking that he has had enough. Many more years later fat bellied, heart broken from his love leaving him for no longer being a star. The saddened man finds himself watching a cross country race on tv. This sparks his desire his rage his hatred of life and pushes him into training and becoming what he used to be.

7. Over used objects cry out for peace to be allowed to rest. Constantly we take the objects and the house and use them over and over agian without repair until they are pushed to thier limit and break. Consider the emotion that these objects could give off or deliver. A story of something as little as a sock could possibly inspire poeple to treat there possesions better.

8. An animated darkened heart and his adventure through the human body to achieve happiness or color.

9. Demons demons and more demons . Little ones that are considered pathetic to the large overwhelming sized corrupted souls. Always bottom feeding off the flesh that’s left over until they scurry across a soul that is consumed and grants them unimaginable power.

10. Little engine that could.  A perverted scientist who enjoys making things out of poeples bones however he ran out of bones and must find a new way of getting more.

11. Neglect. An earing that sits on the table every night watching her female companion leave and go out clubbing and coming home lonely everynight and sad. The earing then journeys to become noticed gets noticed and the girl comes home with someone.

12. A bunny with laser beams attacking innocent toys. Then the innocent toys rebel in a bloody massacre.

The end