Story Paragraph and it’s 6 sentences!

Final Story:

A girl with an unusual costume enters the house. Call her mom, no answer. Suddenly something exciting pops up in her mind! She throws her back pack on the floor, goes to the bathroom and pretends she is pretty grown up having a luxury life! She gets out of the bath tub. Hard to decide which towel she wants to wear, she chooses her mother’s and smiles satisfied! Meanwhile, she hears the door opening. She is scared turns around to go to the door that slips on a bar of soap lying on the floor. She slips to the door in slow motion! When she hits the door, she gets up and jumps to the bathroom door to close it, her towel gets stuck between the door and she falls on the floor. Trying to make everything right and as it was before she hits stuff and hurts herself and at last we see her miserable exhausted face. She gets out, her mom touches her hair, she smiles as she always did and it’s in her character. She moves her head to right and left that nothing wrong has happened. Puts up her hat and goes to her room.


1- A shabby cute girl enters the room.

2- Runs to the bathroom to take a bath.

3- She pretends she is a pretty grown up.

4- Gets scared cause hears her mom coming into the house.

5- Tries to put everything in its right place but messes everything up.

6- Finally gets out and is her mom’s cute child again.

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