Character Profile


The points below will help you formulate who your character is and how they came to be that person.

Age : 7

Evolution/Life Cycle (relative to human?) human

Ethnicity : white

Height : 120 cm

Weight : 15  kg

Gender : female

Culture : civilized! She lives in a common city in 2009

Profession : Student

Dreams : to become pretty and adult!

Beliefs : it’s not good that somebody knows about your secret dreams! they must be kep with you and only you.

Food : Chocolate and cracker.

Weaknesses : shy and scared to show herself.

Goals/Ambition : to be able to be proud of herself.

Obstacles : her look and her environment ( the way others assume her)

Stereotype/Archetype : A clumsy cute girl who has tomboyish appearance and manner. I don’t really know where I have come upon it before.

Sense of Humor : when she gets excited and she has fun and goes on and on to increase the fun.

Health : pretty healthy but seems more clumsy than weak because of her thin body.

Family : only child. she has a mother and a father.

Values : nothings is more valuable than someone’s dreams

Environment (Env they feel uncomfortable in?) : her home is cozy but not what she wants.

Intelligence : has a great imagination

Education : first or second year in school

Sex Life : _

Idiosyncrasies : polite, happy, shy, sometimes stupid!, good heart

Need/Purpose : she needs to be seen.

Nocturnal habits : holds her doll and stars at the sky form the window.

Body Structure : big head, slim body, long and thin legs and arms. big eyes and mouth.

Fears : of somebody finds out what dreams she has.

Talent : imagination

Self View : { I didn’t understand what you meant by this phrase, sorry 🙂 }

Addictions : chocolates

Flaws : lack of self confidence.

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