Group presentation

After delivering our presentation on chapter 6 Monday, I have to say that I am relieved that the presentation is done and over with. It seemed as though we had setback after setback trying to put our presentation together whether it be Emily and I getting sick and one of our group members going missing. Had it not been for the hard work of Erin, Annie, and Emily I am positive we would not have had as successful of a presentation. With two group members being absent we fell just forty-five seconds short of the fifteen minute minimum time requirement. While my group did a flawless job presenting the material, I realized that there are a few areas in which I need to improve my speaking skills.

            The first area that needs attention is my transitions. When I am speaking I forget that the audience cannot read my materials or my mind and do not know whether or not I am transitioning from one topic to another. The second area that needs improvement is my tone and speed. When I am in front of any audience I tend to get nervous and speak rather fast and occasionally slur my words. That being said, once I build my confidence and become comfortable speaking in front of the audience all the areas that need improvement will solve themselves.

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