Group 1: Presentation 3

After completing the latest presentation I feel blessed to have been assigned to this group. We have great chemistry and are able to communicate well which made the whole process a lot easier and not so tedious. We met at least three times to determine what we wanted to accomplish, who would have what roles, and to distribute the work load. The only negative experience was the topic itself. When deciding what topic our group was going to present on we thought it would be a good idea to discuss the controversial Stroh Center, but it turned out to be harder than planned because there was not a to be could said outside of what could be stated in one sentence.

In the future I believe it is crucial that we pick a topic that can lead to better discussion. When we rehearsed the presentation it was easy to reach the time requirement but when it came to be presentation time I froze. Secondly, I feel that if we were given this presentation again it would be in the groups interest to perform a scenario in which the crowd can be involved so we can keep their attention. Also, we should have done our homework before choosing this topic. Our intentions were to present both sides of the Stroh argument before the under graduate students voted; the vote was on a Friday and we presented on Monday.

While I feel that my group and myself did everything in our power to put on a good performance, I feel that I should have suggested another topic. After watching the other groups it seemed that they had a better flow, performance because their topics allowed them to do so. In conclusion, I am blessed that my group was so willing to meet and were open to new ideas and are willing to go the extra mile to make our presentations work.

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