This semester, I take the ESOL 5060 which is a required course by my department. It is designed to help me with academic writing. The instructor for this course is Ms. Kimberly Spallinger. I work with her every week except the regular classes. My major accomplishment
for this course is polishing my thesis. The topic of my thesis is “the Relationship of Preferred Exercise Intensity to Mood State and Enjoyment in College Student”.  I learned how to use transitions in sentences. In addition, sentence variety is another important skill I learned from this course. I think my strength is that I have a strong logic in mind. However, my weakness is I’m not good at explaining it clearly to my readers. Finding someone to proof read my work can be a great strategy to clarify my thoughts. I should try to clarify the places where the reader has questions.
Taking this course and working with Ms. Kimberly makes me think about my thesis as a whole, instead of only sentence by sentence or paragraph by paragraph. Moreover, I feel more confident of myself on academic writing.

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