Michigan Virtual teaching article analysis
Sunday December 02nd 2012, 5:24 pm
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The article that I chose to read about was entitled “Best practices in teaching K-12 online: Lessons learned from Michigan Virtual School teachers” and I chose to write about this article because it had direct affiliation with me.  While going through articles that could be discusses it was interesting to find one that relates to me because my high school offered online classes and I participated in one of them.  I am from Detroit so not only was I a student at my high school but I was also a Michigan Virtual Schools enrollee.  Once I saw an article that I had direct connection with I wanted to read about it and get a greater understanding for practices that the article disgust virtual teachers take and compare it to the learning technique that my online instructor offered me.  The article was about the rise in the abundance and popularity of Michigan Virtual Schools.  The article discuss how there is a lack of research done in relation to both teaching and learning in virtual schools.  There is a lot of accessible information in regards to addressing how to teach online and strategies for taking online class but in regards to successful online teaching, there hasn’t been studies done or implemented to explain techniques that are best to use.   Generally when studies are conducted in regards to online class it is focused on teaching online using mechanism that stems from face-to-face content.  The article goes in depth in discussing how the studies that has been done fails to use data from virtual teachers themselves.   The authors writes about a study that was done on sixteen Michigan Virtual School teachers  and it goes into detail to better explain the best-practices that they personally feel can be used and the article end by stating inferences for research methods, policies, and practices.