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Wednesday October 20th 2010, 9:16 pm
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I read a blog about the way women present themselves in thier clothing and how such clothing can cause guys to interpret them a certain way.  The blog is called When did style become ignorance part 2 and it depicts women wearing revealing clothing, midriffs, and exposure of thier thong underwear and how wearing such clothing attracts unwanted male attention.  Woman has always been sexualized that they soon turn themselves into a sexualized persona and put that persona onto themselves. The blog depicts that women do these things to attract a males attention but although they may be attracting a guy’s attention, they’re attracting the wrong attention.  Alot of women are looking for a husband with a stable job, loving, caring, good morales, that treat her with respect.  The blogger notes that a guy who approaches a woman dressed in revealing outfits is either not the definition of “the right” guy or he is a guy who isn’t looking for a relationship but just a good time.  The blogger however does put all the fault on a girl if she was to get disrespected as he states, “So dont get mad at the guys for treating you bad when your not even respecting your own body. You sent the message they just received it.” This comment sets up the atmosphere that it is ok for a guy to disrespect a girl if given probable cause.  Although some things and ways of dressing could be deemed as attracting sexual attention; at the end of the day an invitation for him to disrespect or harrass her was not given.  It is like saying it is ok for a man to enter a room and have sex with a sleeping girl laying naked in the bed even after she told him No, she don’t want to.  An innuendo or assumption is a viable enough reason to allow assualt, harrasment, or abuse to occur.  No one deserves to be treated like a piece of meat because some people are not looking for sexual relations as they are flaunting thier confident assets. 

The blog emphasises more on the wrong that a girl have for dressing a certain way to allow a guy to treat her a certain way instead of emphasising a guys misperception on inappropriateness.  Although missed signals could be crossed and in some cases females are looking for unfriendly attention when they dress a certain way, but just because they are dressed a certain way doesn’t automatically mean they should get treated with disrespect.  I agree that women can send the wrong message to a guy by the way they dress.  Peception is reality and people do judge others based off thier first glance and if you present yourself in a promiscuous way people will think promiscuous things about you.  What I do not agree with however is the message of being treated promiscuously is solely the woman’s fault.  To perceive someone as promiscuous is different than treating them as promiscuous. 

Everything in America is based on confidence.  When a girl get confident enough to realize that she do not need to dress promiscuous to get a guys attention than this battle of the sexes will not exist.  When a guy get confident enough to present themselves with class or only speak to ladies who are presented in a classy manner than this problem can again be fixed.  Each sex is pointed the finger at the other when at the end of the day both sexes need to tke some fault in either over sexualizing themselves or treating people to sexually.