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Wednesday October 06th 2010, 12:04 am
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Beauty is a social constructed idea that high powered capitalist have implanted in the minds of their admirers (low-middle income people) to gain more capital power.  The perfect business technique is one in which a franchise, company, or individual markets something as unacceptable and gain social acceptance from its community;  who in return buys the product from the corresponding recipient to ensure that they aren’t a part of that unaccepted group.  This idea is displayed a lot in beauty with older techniques consisting of thin physiques being acceptable which results in people buying dieting pills and exercise equipment; as it is also shown in modern production with people being able to purchase computer applications such as Photoshop to alter their appearance. 

Photoshop is a computer program that does nothing more than allow a person who is self conscience to manipulate and correct their “unattractive” bodily features to something more attractive.  It encourages people to have the belief that their appearance isn’t good enough and through computer application you can fix your “flaws.”   The options that Adobe Photoshop has available are also demeaning because it consists of a thinnify option, beauty enhancer option, and a whiter smile option.  Photoshop allows a person to create a false reality of how they want to appear versus how they really appear which ultimately allows a person’s self confidence to lower when they see the reality of their appearance. 

As people we should feel comfortable in our skin and should not have to worry about dictation of beauty implanted on us by rich capitalist who don’t fit their own definition of beauty.  I am not a fan of any product that capitalize off of people’s insecurities and reinforces low self esteem issues .  Photoshop stigmatizes going against the norm and gives people the option to “better” themselves.  Since the government and capitalist can capitalize off people insecurities their definition of beauty is infinitely variable, meaning that it will always change allowing no one to ever reach the word’s full capacity.