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Capital Planning

Filed under: TLEP — vkurt at 11:17 am on Friday, February 11, 2011

I really enjoyed Bob Waddle’s presentation on Capital Planning of the Wolfe Center and Stroh Center. They answered alot of interesting questions that people have been wondering about as we see the Stroh and Wolfe Center being built and also the new housing going up around campus. I learned that there is alot more that […]

Capital Planning Questions

Filed under: TLEP — vkurt at 10:08 am on Thursday, February 10, 2011

List 5 thoughtful questions for quest speaker, Bob Waddle, BGSU Director of Capital Planning. 1. What exactly is capital planning? 2. How does it help the event planning/tourism industry? 3. How does can it hurt the event planning/tourism industry? 4. Does almost everyone use capital planning when working in a business or organization? 5. What […]

Event Trender Blog

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Blog SWOT analysis: Strengths: Anyone can post Colorful Images Updatable Sharing News Easy access Cutting edge Weaknesses: Bias Small audience Prices Over-Kill Poor Timing “cheap” look out of date auhenticity one sided Opportunities: Culture links networking credibility Threats: Prices Give away ideas Other media The blog that I chose to use for class was […]

ADA Scavenger Hunt

Filed under: TLEP — vkurt at 9:52 am on Thursday, February 10, 2011

For TLEP 4830 class we did a Scavenger Hunt around campus to find all of the positives and negatives for ADA approved facilities. Here are a few things my group came up with: + Handicap automatic doors Different level drinking fountains Space underneath drinking fountain for wheelchair access Elevevators Brail Ramps SRC Eleveator Pool access […]

Student Recreation Center Reflection

Filed under: TLEP — vkurt at 11:41 am on Sunday, February 6, 2011

Student Recreation Center Reflection                 One major area I thought was useful of the Student Recreation Center was that there are many opportunities for not only the students but also the community of Bowling Green. When going through the tour we walked in on a class of older women in the swimming pool treading water. […]