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Perry Field House Reflection

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Two areas where I found that the Field House meets or surpasses suggestions in the book would be the use of area considerations used for more than one purpose. For example the indoor track area can be used for track meets, practice, volleyball, basketball, wrestling meets and even trade shows and dinners. That specific area is very accessible and there is a lot of extra space for spectators, coaches, and the students. Another positive about the Field House is the parking which is normally a huge problem for many facilities. All guests really like that the parking is very accessible and close to the facility and that there is never really a problem with no parking. A few things I thought the field house did not meet the standards would be storage space. Throughout the indoor football field area there is sports equipment just placed up against the walls because there is not enough room for storage. Storage is a huge aspect when looking into building a facility and I think it looks much better when all storage is placed behind the scenes instead of out in the open when not being used. Another issue would be the front desk area is set so far back after walking in the front doors they have a problem with when their busy not being able to make sure everyone has paid. It gets so crowded in that area that people can just sneak by without paying admission or swiping their BG card. This definitely is a negative for the facility because they make their revenue from renting out the facility and charging a fee for admission. Overall, the field house is still is pretty good shape for how old it is. There could some renovations done when the time and money is right but for now it is in good shape.

Article Critique

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TLEP 4830

The Miracle Team


 This article focuses on Edwin Roberts, Kent Bernard, Edwin Skinner, and Wendell Mottley, the track and field athletes from Trinidad and Tobago who won the first Olympic medals for the country at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. It outlines the motivation of the athletes in becoming involved in athletics. It discusses how the Caribbean athletes are contributing to their country decades after their Olympic victory, such as participating in professional athletic organizations to promote social change and help improve the chance for the country’s youth.

Article Critique:

The strong parts of this article is when she is explaining how each of the five men grew up with running and how she shared each one of their personal stories on growing up racing. There are many different strong areas in this particular article, showing how they give for their country and spend time working with the youth and making their city and country a better place. Throughout the article she quotes different things that the five guys have said so her references come right from the main source which is Edwin Roberts, Kent Bernard, Edwin Skinner, and Wendell Mottley.

Like I stated before she really goes into great detail of each of the five men’s childhood and how they were raised running track. She explains that some of them did not even have enough money for shoes but that did not stop them from racing. This article was very well written and just really tells people about how some Olympic medalist still pay it forward to their country, and are really making an effort to make it a better place.

Check out the article HERE!

Program Statement

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Program Statement for Eppler Complex:

Eppler Complex will be completely renovated between the Summer 2011 and 2012. The complex will be more open and not so many hallways. The gymnasiums will stay as they are for gymnastics, cheerleading and other tourism/recreation classes. Additions will be made including a computer lab and lounge. These changes will have a positive effect on the recreation, tourism, and althetic training departments.

A program statement should include; a brief history of the organization, the organizations mission, the organizations programs, producst, and services, the administrative structure, critical issues and strategic responses, goals and objectives for the organization, details about clientele, an outline of short-range planning, mid-range planning, and long-range planning, and other programmatic features that help describe the organizations as a dsitinctive operational entity. (Facility Planning & Design book).

Olympic Assignment: Lake Placid

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I feel that Lake Placid definitely benefited from hosting the 1980 Olympic games. Lake Placid is a small city of about 3,000 people. A study showed that Lake Placid generated more than $356 million statewide in 2004-05. Staging the Olympics is very expensive, and the long term benefits to both the locals’ lifestyle and to the local economy sometimes fade, but not for Lake Placid.  The 1980 Lake Placid Games survived in our memory because of two significant events. One, the U.S. Hockey Team upset the Russians in what is known as the “Miracle.” Second, Eric Heiden skated to a record five gold speed skating medals. Visitors can now ride the Olympic bobsled run, skate the Olympic oval, ski World Cup moguls and Olympic downhill runs. Many of the Olympic cities have not succeeded in years following their debut in the Olympics, Lake Placid was one that surpassed expectations. A great example of how to explain Lake Placid would be with the Legacy Effect. Not only did Lake Placid have positive publicity from the Olympic games, but it continues to have lasting posivite publicity for its city to this day.

Ancillary Areas: Oklahoma University

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The University of Oklahoma has a newly 2008-2009 renovated 9,000 square foot Locker Room.

10 Things that are a positive for customers:

-Unique lighting

-comfortable seating

– large shelving/cubby holes

-customized carpeting

-customized ceiling with OU block letters

-meeting space

-Plasma Televisons

-open space

-lots of seating options

A new facility in any university is a huge positive for customers and users.

To check out more about the new facility click HERE!

Technology Assignment

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Technology is huge in the field of tourism, leisure, and event planning. Not only in that industry but becoming massive all around the world. There is not one business that doesn’t use some type of technology to keep it going. Two benefits of technology for event planning would be the invention of social networks such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, foursquare. All of these networks are basically free advertisements for companies to take advantage of, they also are a great promotion piece because you can update status with daily specials or events you have going on. That not only saves you money for promoting and advertising but also saves time. Another benefit of technology would be event planning softwares that make and event planners life easier and help keep them organized. Drawbacks would be that the older generation is not used to the technology that the younger generation has lived with so a  lot of them are not computer savy and have a facebook/twitter account. Also some people find it unprofessional to not have a hard copy invite, flyer, or brochure. Event just by using more of the social networks to promote you are also becoming economically friendly because you are saving paper and different resources.

The software program I found is called etouches and it is a redefining event software for event planners. After researching about this software I find it to be very helpful and here are 5 strengths I found.

-Has 13 applications in one software program: this helps event and meeting planners through every function in the event planning lifecycle.

-Improve process: Save time and limit mistakes.

-Reduce costs: Cut administrative and planning workload, freeing staff for other key tasks; know exactly where you are spending; use spending history to increase plans with suppliers.

-Shrinks the globe: Use anyone of 27 languages.

-Delivers better attendee experience: Easy, fluid sign-up process; stay in contact using targeted marketing updates; ability to connect one on one with other attendees before, during, and after the event.

Click HERE to check out more on etouches!!

Ice Arena Tour Reflection

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Part 1 – Examine the flooring and surfaces in the BGSU Ice Arena (locker rooms, hall ways, lobby, lounge, walls, ceilings, etc.) for their efficiency based on projected use of the facility and recommendations in Sawyer, Chapter 8.
Part 2 – What is your overall impression of the BGSU Ice Arena?  Does it meet the needs of BGSU and the Bowling Green community or are other updates necessary?

When touring the Ice Arena I the flooring and surfaces in the locker rooms, hall ways, lobby, lounge, walls, and ceilings all stuck out to me. From reading Chapter 8 Indoor Surfaces, it explains that indoor surfaces must be chosen carefully, considereing the nature of the facility and the activities that are planned. The three distinct areas of consideration in facilities; the service areas such as locker rooms, shower rooms and bathrooms. These areas require surfaces that can hold heavy moisture content as well as slip and fall concerns. One thing I noticed about the locker rooms at the ice arena is that the two new locker rooms were pretty  nice and had slip resistant flooring in the shower and the bathroom areas. In the middle and hallways of the lockerroom was a rubbery floor that is intended for skates to be worn on. The main arena is the second consideration in a facilitiy. For the ice arena, the ice rink is obviously the main area for activity because without the ice it would be nothing. The third consideration is administration offices and classrooms. The ice arena does not have any classrooms but they do have a few offices for the coaches, a store where you can rent skates and purchase hockey/ice skating gear, and a ballroom that can be used for meetings or receptions. When going on the tour she talked about how they are adding onto the store and main desk  which is a really good idea because the one they have now is very small and outdated.

My overall opinion of BGSU’s Ice Arena was to me it seems very old and could use alot of renovations. This was the first time I had ever been inside the ice arena and I was not really all the impressed. I’m sure it gets the use it needs out of it but just from the tour I noticed some of the bricks falling off the wall, and how they only did the new flooring in the hallway half way around the building. I just think it looks weird that the flooring just stops in the middle of the hallway. Other than that, the ice rink itself is pretty neat and big. I also think its neat that they have a half size rink on the other side. Another thing that I liked is the lighting situation to where you can have just dimmed lights on to save electricity, theres a practice setting and game setting. So overall I liked the ice arena, and just by hearing the lady talk she knows  there is alot that could be renovated but its the issue of money that only lets her do so much!

Capital Planning

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I really enjoyed Bob Waddle’s presentation on Capital Planning of the Wolfe Center and Stroh Center. They answered alot of interesting questions that people have been wondering about as we see the Stroh and Wolfe Center being built and also the new housing going up around campus. I learned that there is alot more that goes into building a new facility than I thought. A few challenges that they briefly talked about was about cutting out some things in order to have the more expensive necessities. When talking about the Stroh Center, they decided to put a less expensive flooring down around the center of the court because for one they will save money and two the bleachers go on top of this floor so you do not really see it. Thats something that I am noticing alot of planning teams have to do because in order to have a great center floor, which I’m sure is expensive, they got a cheaper floor to go around it but it still looks good. The rewards are huge, not only will we have new facilities around campus but that is one thing that drives students to a campus. New housing, new gymnasium and new art center. BGSU is beginning to be very innovative with their facilities and with adding on. There is a huge market of College Campuses and in order for Bowling Green, OH to compete with The Ohio State University and other bigger campuses we have to renovate and build new facilities to get the campus eye catching and for students to come!

Capital Planning Questions

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List 5 thoughtful questions for quest speaker, Bob Waddle, BGSU Director of Capital Planning.

1. What exactly is capital planning?

2. How does it help the event planning/tourism industry?

3. How does can it hurt the event planning/tourism industry?

4. Does almost everyone use capital planning when working in a business or organization?

5. What is Anderson Arena going to be used for after the Stroh Center is finished?

Event Trender Blog

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Blog SWOT analysis:


Anyone can post




Sharing News

Easy access

Cutting edge



Small audience



Poor Timing

“cheap” look

out of date


one sided








Give away ideas

Other media

The blog that I chose to use for class was This blog to me is wonderful for someone going into the Event Planning industry and even for anyone looking for DIY tips and ideas. I believe this blog has many strengths and opportunities and not many if any weaknesses and threats. I found it to be innovative, creative, variety of ideas, tips for brides, recipes, colorful, DIY tips, helpful, trend alerts, ideas, event trends, pictures, short & to the point, interesting, easy, organized and you are able to post comments. If you haven’t checked out’s blog you should! 🙂

Check out the Event Trender Blog HERE!

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