Shredding 6 Strings

Black Keys “Everlasting Light”

This is a video of “Everlasting Light” by The Black Keys. It is off their latest album Brothers. 


139 thoughts on “Black Keys “Everlasting Light”

  1.   Tom McCool on April 8th, 2011          

    Referring to one of your pieces of advice, keep it in case or on a stand, I couldn’t agree more. I left mine against my table temporarily and it fell over and sheared the headstock. Although a cheap copy ( of a gibson hummingbird acoustic), and 35 years old, it’s got sentemantal value and also has a great sound. So luckily I found a local lutherian who reapired it (you’d never know)sorted out the fret buzz, straightened the neck, sorted out the grooves worn in the fingerboard. It looks and sounds awesome. I’d reccomend anyone to get their guitar reset by a professional, its worth the end result

  2.   tstritt on April 8th, 2011          

    Yeah I was going to try to fix a crack in my Martin by myself, but after talking to a local guy who knew a lot about fixing guitars, I decided it was best to leave that type of work to a professional who knows what he is doing. Anyway, 35 years old … I bet that guitar sounds like a dream.

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