“5CREAM” Update: Page-Not-Found

Yesterday I mentioned a little something about spotting a Scream 5 page on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). Well … after nearly 24 hours, someone got enough sense to check on the rumors and eliminate the confusing page.

What does this mean?

By eliminating the page for the fifth installment of the popular horror franchise, us fans can now rest easy in knowing that even though there are no current plans or early casting decisions, the Weinstein Company and Dimension Films are going to seemingly take their time and wait for Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson to do what they want to do.

So, for those who followed my recent post about the Scream 5 casting rumors, those five people we’ve never heard of: NOT IN THE MOVIE!!!!

… Or, at least, not yet. I’m pretty sure that IMDb is not like Wikipedia in that anyone can just start a page for any movie. There obviously has to be some sort of rumor mill churning out the information for the people to post on the site. But, it’s entirely too early to tell so all the world’s followers of Ghostface can relax in knowing this film will not be rushed.

– – But, you can bet, once the first OFFICIAL information on Scream 5 is released, I’ll be all over it! – –

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Don Post to the rescue with new “Halloween” Mask

Thanks to legendary mask and prop guru Don Post, fans of the original Halloween will soon be treated to a piece of history … or at least a replica of one.

Soon to come from Don Post Studios is a new look at the classic Michael Myers mask from John Carpenter’s 1978 slasher flick that made Jamie Lee Curtis (and babysitters across the globe) famous.

Named the “Michael Myers Mask – 2011,” it is a deluxe, full, over-the-head mask that is said to be the closest resemblance to the original latex Captain Kirk mask from the first film.

Back on September 15, 2010, the Halloweenmovies website posted a short blurb about how Post was hired by Trancas International Films to bring Myers fans “the most accurate mask on the market.” With that story came a few pictures of the inital scuplt.

And, personally, I started drooling when I saw them.

Then, we were treated to a better look at the product on October 25, 2010 when the site surfaced pics of what looked like a finished prototype.

But, since then, there has been no more updates on the mask dealing with release dates, prices, etc. That is, until I saw the mask posted on the Halloweenmovies.com Store page. While there is currently no pre-order information up, the sight of the mask at the store alone is promising.

Let’s just hope it’ll be done before October so I’ll have something to wear with my bloody coveralls!

Let me know what you think. Does this give the original a run for its money?

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“Scream 5” set for 2013 release?? Where was I?

Last time I checked, Wes Craven said he was taking the summer off before even thinking about doing another movie …

With a rumored cast of five unknown people, the original three were nowhere to be seen.

While on the web, I made my usual rounds to the top sites I check out during each venture online. On my last stop for the night, I visited the “all-knowing” and “all-powerful” Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

Then, I decided (for the sheer fun of torturing myself) to look up any rumors or news on the possibility for Scream 5, knowing the chances of finding anything juicy were slim to none.

But, to my surprise (as the cliche goes), I was actually taken to an IMDB page for the seemingly unlikely film.

Not only did I see that the fifth installment of the franchise is slated for a 2013 release, but I also noticed 5 cast members rumored for parts in the film with the names of their characters already attached.


I didn’t even know the script was actually written, let alone that there are already rumored cast members involved. Not only that, but I don’t know who most of these people are.

Do Tiya Sircar, Trent Ford, Alex Sander or Donta Storey ring any bells for you? Didn’t really think so.

Despite the unknown cast, it was nice to see Kevin Williamson attached to the "writer" credit.

Could this mean Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) could be back to causing trouble in the fifth film?

You tell me.

While I know IMDB can put up a page for any movie based only on speculation, I would really appreciate it if someone could take a look at the Scream 5 IMDB page and enlighten me on where these rumors got started.

I feel out of the loop and us horror fans need to stick together.

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17-Year-Old Filmmaker Working on Second Book

Stephen King might have a little competition in the world of horror fiction.

Photo courtesy of Aaron Bissell.

With his first book, Society of Dogs already under his belt, budding author and independent filmmaker Aaron Bissell is currently working on publishing his second novel. And, he’s only 17-years-old.

The name of Bissell’s second and upcoming book is called Dahmer: the Life and Times of a Killer Cobra. The book tells the story of a serial killer that happens to be a vicious snake. Bissell said the inspiration for his villain came when he saw a recent animated film starring Johnny Depp. He said he wanted to put a horror-type spin on the idea and make it into a world all his own that he could appreciate.

“I had seen the film Rango, in which the main villain was a snake,” Bissell said. “Of course, since the film is geared toward kids, he didn’t kill anyone. So, I thought why not make a book not only with a snake that kills, but also write another book with an animal theme.”

Bissell said his two books have steadily kept with the theme of animals because he feels they are more complex creatures than people think. He said the idea of putting animals in these situations is an interesting way to tell a story and convey his ideas.

Photo courtesy of Aaron Bissell.

“I think animals have a lot more to them than we think,” said Bissell. “I also need a place to express all of my insane ideas.”

While Bissell has been in love with reading and writing since he was a young child, he said what he finds the most interesting is his fascination with what he calls the “darker aspects” of fiction.

“I have an interest in the psychology of the human mind,” Bissell said. “Why do people hurt others? What motivates them? I also generally hate comedy. I feel you can tell more interesting stories using characters with either dark pasts or who are killers, murders, or even dogs.”

From Paper to Screen

Not only has Bissell been reading and writing fiction since he was 6-years-old, but he has also written and filmed a number of short, independent films he is very proud of. Out of the nearly seven films he has either written, directed or starred in, Bissell said his favorite is his 2011 psychological thriller Record.

Photo courtesy of Aaron Bissell.

 “It expresses exactly what my films are about,” Bissell said. “You could know nothing about my film style and still enjoy Record. It is also one of my darkest pieces, and I like that aspect about it as well.”

Bissell said he enjoys taking his interest in dark psychology and putting it into his films. Even though he has made most of his films into dramas or thrillers, he said there is always a possibility of him branching out into more genres.

 “I’ve really only branched out recently into dark dramas,” Bissell said. “My film Vengeance Is Mine was a dark drama and if drama is more your thing, I’d recommend it … I just write what comes to my head, so it is entirely possible I would make a comedy, action, etcetera, but my core genre will always be the psychological thriller genre.”

Photo courtesy of Aaron Bissell.

Bissell said he not only plans on writing more books in the future, but he also plans to continue his film hobby by writing and directing more short movies. Though, when it comes to what he really wants to do, he said his heart always belongs to writing.

“I like writing the best,” Bissell said. “Filming is fun, but not easy on a zero dollar budget. With writing though, it doesn’t matter, you can let your mind just wander.”



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