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VWER comes to BGSU!
March 21, 2011, 2:14 pm
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On March 18th, 20011 at the Virtual World Best Practices in Education conference in Second Life, AJ Kelton announced that the Virtual World Educator’s Roundtable meeting will move to the BGSU Virtual Campus in Scond Life. The VWER community ( has been meeting regularly to discuss issues in virtual world education for several years. The first meeting on BGSU Community Island will take place on Thursday May 4th at 6pm EDT.

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Virtual Wolfe Center Nears Completion
August 25, 2010, 6:42 am
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Wolfe CenterThe Wolfe Center for Collaborative Arts, currently under construction on the BGSU campus, has a twin sister… in the virtual world of Second Life. Construction on the virtual replica of the new building began during Fall 2009 and is almost complete. According to Bonnie Mitchell, co-facilitator of the BGSU Virtual Campus, “The campus community is very eager to see and experience being inside the new Wolfe Center.  The replica  inside Second Life enables people to get a true spatial sense of walking around and being inside this amazing building”. The team of 3d modelers included BGSU Digital Arts majors Josh Treiber, class of 2010, Brandon Moore (class of 2011), and Paul Woidke (class of 2011).

The virtual Wolfe Center can be visited at any time in Second Life during its construction, however the grand opening will take place in December during the ArtsXtravaganza celebration in the School of Art.

For more information visit or to visit the Wolfe Center in Second Life

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Fontana and Mitchell at SLCC
August 25, 2010, 6:38 am
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BGSU Virtual Campus Administrators Anthony Fontana and Bonnie Mitchell attended the Second Life Community Conference 2010 this August. Below you can find all 4 of the presentations they gave hosted on and links to the Google Docs.

UPDATE: Videos of the presentations have been embedded and linked below.

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What’s new on Community Island

BGSU Virtual Campus Center for Teaching and LearningThe area of the BGSU Virtual Campus known as Community Island has been growning over the last few months. The Center for Teaching and Learning build is nearly complete. Visit the CTL tree and click on the apples to receive various notecards on teaching and learning.

Teleport to the Center for Teaching and Learning in SL!

The designer and builder of COBL in SLArchitecture Instructor and BGSU Virtual Campus Co-Administrator Audra Magermans (Vesta Dreamscape in SL) has designed the new build for the Center for Online and Blended Learning (COBL) which will completed by May 2009. The building has been built in-world by Elizabeth Osterhues, a BGSU Virtual Campus 3D Environment Developer.


Teleport to the Center for Online and Blended Learning in SL!

Architecture Department in Second Life

The Archricecture Department at BGSU now has an office on BGSU Community Island, also designed by Audra Magermans.

Teleport to the Architecture Departmental Office in SL!

STC in SL houses "Welcome Area refresher course"

The Student Technology Center will also open later this semester and will feature a “Welcome area refresher course”. Using slides, notecards, and videos  StudentTech  will offer a range of support for faculty and staff who need  information on University supported software, the Laptop Loan program, workshops available, as well as navigating your avatar and the Second Life user-interface (UI).

Teleport to the Student Technology Center in SL!

Student Technology Center on the BGSU Virtual Campus

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