How to teach older adults to use tablets – Tips from BGSU students

Students in Dr. Kate Magsamen-Conrad’s Small Group Communication course share tips for teaching tablet workshops for older adults. Since Spring 2013, Students enrolled in small group communication courses at BGSU have been conducting classes to help the older adults better understand tablets (e.g., iPads, Kindles, Nooks, and Galaxys). Drawing from the framework of Intergroup Contact Theory, the ICI facilitates a series of systematic and supportive interactions between younger and older adults meant to reduce negative attitudes between the generations, facilitate the development of positive interpersonal relationships, and build skills important to both generations. Pre- and post-test survey results from the classes have indicated statistically significant improvement in trust and communication apprehension of older adults toward younger adults as well as statistically significant improvement in the attitudes of younger adults about diversity, disabilities, and civic intentions. In this series of tutorials, students who have been through the program answer questions the future students may have

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