SMC alum Dr. John Parrish-Sprowl’s guest lecture on Tuesday, Nov. 30th

“Reducing Global Health Disparities through Collaborative Health Communication Partnerships”
Tuesday, November 30 at 7 pm, 107 in Hayes Hall.

Dr. John Parrish-Sprowl received his Ph.D. in Communication from BGSU in 1983. He is Co-Director of the Global Health Communication Center in the Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis School of Liberal Arts. Prior to this position he was Chair of the Department of Communication Studies. He is internationally-known for his applied communication research and project consultancies in Belarus, France, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, and Thailand. He has been honored with awards from universities in Macedonia and Poland for his work. Currently he is contributing to the Community Health Engagement Program of the Clinical Translational Sciences Institute of Indiana and collaborating with World Health Organization to work with Ministries of Health in developing countries to create better health communication to improve health care access and indices.

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