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Step Up – Step In Kick Off

IMG_8328 copyHello, my name is Erin and I’m a new Marketing Attendant in the department of Recreation and Wellness. I’ve been lucky enough to be assigned to the new Step Up – Step In program, and I get to work with it throughout the year. I know a lot of folks have seen the spiffy t-shirts around campus, but most people I’ve talked to aren’t 100% sure what the whole program is about. Fortunately, I’m here to talk about it!

This program is an initiative funded by the Ohio Department of Education specifically for BGSU to combat sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, and sexual harassment. Step Up – Step In is different from some other programs around campus because it’s aimed specifically at bystanders, those not actively involved in these situations. The point is to tell people that it’s more than okay to step up and say something if they see something that doesn’t look right, or they think someone may be in danger. So far we’ve been promoting this program by handing out a LOT of t-shirts, putting up different installations around campus, and creating a social media campaign for the cause using #StepUpStepIn.

Before the school year started, the Department of Recreation and Wellness was already busy promoting this program. It can be seen in the many installations around campus, including the wall clings over the light switches in every single residence hall on campus, as well as in the Greek Houses. The clings are small, but omnipresent. The big project from over the summer was the Bowen Thompson Student Union central staircase. If you get a chance, definitely take a picture with the logo where all the steps line up to form the Step Up – Step In logo! The installations won’t stop with these either. There are several other installations, like sidewalk clings in the Greek Village, and soon there will be a really neat mural in the Student Recreation Center.

Late Night at the Perry Field House is a super fun tradition at BGSU, and a really great bonding experience for first year students. This yearRecreation and Wellness decided that the event would be a great place to showcase some brand new t-shirts! We handed out about 750 t-shirts to students at Late Night, and I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve definitely seen them around campus. This isn’t the first batch of t-shirts Recreation and Wellness has handed out though. Last year a total of around 2000 t-shirts were handed out! That definitely helped to get the word out around campus.

Our most recent event was Campus Fest this past Thursday. I had a great time handing out 200 more Step Up – Step In t-shirts and talking with my fellow students about preventing sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, and sexual harassment. I was pleasantly surprised when even after I ran out of t-shirts, people kept coming to the table and expressing interest in the program. It was a great time and I loved getting to talk about a topic I’m so passionate about! Even if you didn’t get a free t-shirt at some point, if you’re interested in the program, definitely follow @BGItsOnUs on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to receive information about upcoming events and keeping your fellow Falcons safe!

Recreation and Wellness has done a lot with this program so far and I can’t wait to see what else will happen! I know for sure everyone can look forward to seeing some Step Up – Step In representation at different BGSU athletic events. We’re also teaming up with BG’s chapter of It’s On Us and Not in Our Town to bring the message to as many students as possible. I’m very excited about this program and I absolutely cannot wait to see the effect Step Up – Step In has on our campus.

September Focuses on Child Passenger Safety and Commercial Vehicle Awareness

Wood County Safe Communities announced today that there have been 10 fatal crashes in Wood County compared to 9 through this same period last year.

September 10-16, 2017 is National Commercial Vehicle Appreciation Week. Please take a moment to honor all professional drivers for their hard work and commitment in tackling one of the economy’s most demanding and important jobs. These men and women are not only doing their jobs but also working to keep our highways safe.

Also, September 17-23, 2017 is Child Passenger Safety Seat Awareness week.  In Wood County, there has been a fatality involving a child under the age of 13 in calendar year 2017. It is essential for parents to make sure child safety equipment in their vehicles is current with state and federal regulations and installed properly. Child safety seats reduce the risk of fatal injury by 71 percent for infants and by 54 percent for toddlers. Car seats are most effective when installed properly and used correctly. Residents of Wood County are encouraged to contact either Wood County Hospital or Safe Kids of Greater Toledo to schedule a car seat inspection.

For More Information:

  • Lt. Angel Burgos, Ohio State Highway Patrol: 419-352-2481
  • Sandy Wiechman, Safe Communities Coordinator:
  • 419-372-9353 or swiechm@bgsu.ed

Spotlight on Former GA Leah Palazzo

LeahPortraitAs I look back on my assistantship, I wonder what Leah without RecWell will be like. Will she still live off post-it notes? Will her future students reply to her emails? Will she continue to add “#blessed” to almost everything? Jokes aside, working here has been a memorable, developmental, and rewarding experience for me.

Our student staff has been nothing short of remarkable. In addition to countless splendid interactions I have with student attendants, associates, and managers in Marketing, Outdoor Program, IMs and Sport Clubs, PFH, Golf, Wellness Connection, SRC Facilities, SRC Welcome Desk, and Aquatics, I’ve had the distinct honor of advising the Student Employee Board, working alongside not one, not two, but twelve student supervisors across the department! These fabulous humans each bring their own form of leadership to their roles, staying true to their convictions while complying with department policies. I have been immensely fortunate to work with such a diverse group of skills, interests, and aspirations, and I want every member of SEB to know how proud I have been to serve as their advisor.

Similarly, I have greatly enjoyed working with RecWell’s professional staff. I did not come to BGSU expecting to be treated with the respect and authority of a peer by senior staff, but I have been made to feel competent and qualified here. Working alongside these professionals has shaped the image of the practitioner I hope to become. Thank you, Thad and Susan, for always being bubbles of positivity and support. Thank you, Gary, for making me feel like each and every Friday email I sent was valued. Thank you, Lona, for showing me “less is more” (plus a bunch about ice, ice rinks, and ice skating) and for being a mentor, a teacher, and a friend.

Of course, I cannot reflect upon my enriching experience without mentioning the other graduate assistants in RecWell. If this department is a family, the GAs are siblings. The opportunity to learn, grow, and develop alongside other graduate students has been invaluable to not only my education but also the success of this department; separate, we have impressive specializations, but together, we are synergistic superstars trouncing ThunderCats, Power Rangers, and Captain Planet. My fellow GAs have done so much for me, and I would do anything for them.

I have a genuine appreciation for, enjoyment in, and devotion to this department. My experience as Student Programming and Leadership GA has included program coordination and facilitation, assessment, public speaking, collaboration, advising, committee participation and leadership, app implementation, incentive program management, and parade float design, construction, and operation.

I cannot express just how #blessed I feel to have been a part of RecWell!

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over KickOff

WHEN: Thursday, August 17, 2017

WHAT: 5:00 pm NEWS CONFERENCE – Annual kickoff to the national mobilization for the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign.

WHERE: American Legion Post #183 Circle Drive, 405 E. Front Street, Pemberville OH  43450

*Note:  kickoff is during the Pemberville Free Fair

After the news conference, attendees have the opportunity to experience wearing Fatal Vision Goggles to simulate various levels of intoxication and the effect it has on the body. Law enforcement officials will be on hand to explain OVI laws and the consequences of driving a motor vehicle impaired.

For More Information:

  • Angel Burgos, Ohio State Highway Patrol: 419-352-2481
  • Sandy Wiechman, Safe Communities Coordinator:
    419-372-9353 or

Annual Traffic Crash Statistics through July 2017

Wood County Safe Communities announced today that there have been 8 fatal crashes in Wood County compared to 9 at this same time last year.

August is back to school month for local school districts and higher education facilities in Wood County.  When travelling rural roads, please be attentive to school buses in the area picking up and dropping of their precious cargo.  Watch for increased traffic in the area of school buildings and be mindful of the 20 mph school zone speed limit during restricted times.

Owens Community College begins the fall semester on August 21.  Watch for increased traffic on Oregon Road with students entering and exiting campus.  Students and staff of the college are reminder to be mindful of congestion in parking lots and be aware of your surroundings.  These times can help prevent the high number of crashes that occur in in college parking lots.

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) classes also begin August 21.  Wooster Street is the main thoroughfare to enter the campus statistics show a high volume of crashes from 11am to 6 pm.  Most crashes occur on Friday but all drivers are reminded when attending events at BGSU, to be aware of the high volume of traffic and to travel these areas with caution.

Let’s make this back to school season the safest in history!!

For More Information:

  • Angel Burgos, Ohio State Highway Patrol: 419-352-2481
  • Sandy Wiechman, Safe Communities Coordinator:

419-372-9353 or