Devin Smith’s Story

 Devin Smith, B.S. in Applied Health Science – Specialization in Health Care Administration (2017)
Student Recreation Center Manager, Wellness Connection Attendant, and Peer Educator

I am a man of strong conviction and believe in the primary value of service to others, with education as a means to that end. Beyond school, working in Recreation and Wellness is part of what makes me happy to be at BGSU, as this environment encourages me lead a balanced and healthy life.

Getting people to care about people is a main motivator to me, and teaching others about a variety of health topics as a Peer Educator achieves that goal.
Growing up in a rough area in Detroit, MI has motivated me to take action to make a difference in the lives of others, and at the Wellness Connection, this opportunity exists. Getting people to care about people is a main motivator to me, and teaching others about a variety of health topics as a Peer Educator achieves that goal. Peer Educators present throughout campus to groups and student organizations on topics including healthy relationships, nutrition, body image, alcohol and other drugs, and sexual health. I enjoy making meaningful connections with others as I share my journey and teach.

While many staff in the department have been a positive influence on me, Faith DeNardo, Wellness Connection director, and Matt Reising, graduate assistant, have taught me so much! They have taken the time to listen to my passions and helped direct me toward success. I’ll admit, at times I thought I could change the world overnight. Matt and Faith supported me to frame and organize my ideas into manageable and feasible action plans, and to apply my leadership ability to our office, to my positions in RecWell, and to my life overall. I recommend getting involved as a Peer Educator and in RecWell programming to any student at BGSU––the people and programs here really make a difference!

Through my work involvement in Recreation and Wellness, I have also had the opportunity to represent BGSU at the Ohio Recreational Sports Association, the BACCHUS Regional conference, and the NASPA conference, proudly winning the 2015 Outstanding Student for the BACCHUS Institute of NASPA.

Beyond BGSU, I enjoy reading, and I am also an EMS for the city of Detroit and serve as a medic in the US Army.


Devin Smith with Dr. Steve Kampf, director of Recreation and Wellness.

Click it or Ticket Kick Off

Wood County Safe Communities Coalition invites you to their fourth annual Click it or Ticket Campaign kickoff. This event is planned at the Perrysburg Wal-Mart at 10400 Fremont Pike on Friday, May 20, 2016 from 4:30-7:00  PM and is sponsored by the Perrysburg Wal-Mart, and Perrysburg Chick-Fil-A.

The Click it or Ticket campaign educates individuals on the importance of wearing a seatbelt while operating a motor vehicle. Law-enforcement agencies are on hand to reward drivers and passengers for being buckled up and numerous displays and safety demonstrations are scheduled.

“Every day, unbuckled motorists are losing their lives in motor vehicle crashes. In Wood County alone, 45% of unbelted vehicle occupants died in 2015. That is up 5% from 2014” said Sandy Wiechman, coordinator of Safe Communities of Wood County. “As we approach Memorial Day weekend and the summer vacation season, we want to make sure people are doing the one thing that can save them in a crash, buckling up.”

According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, 1,110 fatal crashes occurred in 2015 in Ohio with 46% of occupants unbuckled. The main focus of the Click It or Ticket campaign is seat-belt education and awareness.

“If you ask the family members of those unrestrained people who were killed in crashes, they’ll tell you—they wish their loved ones had buckled up,” added Wiechman. “The bottom line is that seat belts save lives. If these enforcement and education crackdowns get people’s attention and get them to buckle up, then we’ve done our job.”

For More Information:
Lt. Jerrod Savidge, Ohio State Highway Patrol

Sandy Wiechman, Safe Communities Coordinator
419-372-9353 or swiechm@bgsu.edu

Amigos Don’t Let Amigos Drive Drunk

In the United States, Cinco de Mayo has become synonymous with festive fiestas and salty margaritas. Historically, the fifth of May commemorates Mexico’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. There’s no victory when partygoers drink and drive.

In 2014, there were 343 crash fatalities during the Cinco de Mayo holiday weekend (6 p.m. May 2 to 5:59 a.m. May 6). One out of these three people lost their lives in the drunk-driving crashes. 116 people could be alive today if Cinco de Mayo partygoer had designated sober drivers.

Over the 2014 Cinco de Mayo holiday period, almost one-fifth (18%) of drivers in fatal crashes had BACs of .15 or higher which is almost twice the legal limit in every states.

Twenty-five percent of drivers in 2014 Cinco de Mayo holiday fatal crashes had BACs of .08 or higher. During this same weekend, only 70 percent of drivers in fatal crashes were completely sober (with .00 BAC).

Cinco de Mayo holiday period drunk-driving fatalities have decreased slightly from 90 in 2012 (45% of all crash fatalities), to 65 in 2013 (40% of all crash fatalities), to 33 people in 2014 (33% of all crash fatalities).

Do your part to make your Cinco de Mayo safe. Designate a driver, call a friend, or call a cab. Amigos don’t let Amigos drive drunk.

For More Information:

  • Ohio State Highway Patrol, Lt., Jerrod Savidge
  • Safe Communities Coordinator, Sandy Wiechman
    419-372-9353 | swiechm@bgsu.edu

Safe Communities Fatal Crash Data Released

Wood County Safe Communities announced today there have been four fatal crashes compared to three last year at this time.  This is an increase of one crash to date.

May is also Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Motorcyclists have all the same rights and privileges as any motor vehicle driver on the roadway. During Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in May –and during the rest of the year –drivers of all motor vehicles are reminded to safely “share the road” with motorcyclists and to be extra alert to help keep motorcyclists safe.

In Wood County alone, helmet usage for persons involved in crashes was 52.5% percent in 2015. This is an increase from 2014, when the helmet use in crashes was 52.4%. However, the percentage of people injured in crashes has decreased from 100% in 2014, to 66% in 2015. With this in mind, it is essential now more than ever that motorcyclists wear a helmet.  Always be aware of the presence of motorcycles.

For More Information:

  • Ohio State Highway Patrol, Lt. Jerrod Savidge, 419-352-2481
  • Safe Communities Coordinator, Sandy Wiechman
  • 419-372-9353 or swiechm@bgsu.edu

RecWell Rewind – Student Recreation Center Logo Designed

Deborah Howard, a June graduate, won the Student Government Association contest to design the new Student Recreation Center logo.

Original SRC logo

According to Howard, “the logo is based on the simplified human figure since ultimately the success and functioning of the facility depends on the people who use it.” Howard also explained that “the logo is intended to symbolize the whole recreational program and so the logo design is based on general characteristics of athletics, not any specific sport or interest.”

Students Impersonating the SRC Logo

For more information about the History of Recreation and Wellness, visit our webpage.

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