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Archive for May, 2011

First VWER Meeting at BGSU

• May 6, 2011

Here are some images taken during the first VWER meeting at BGSU. For more information on VWER, check out their website at VWER.org.  

VWER 3D Logo

• May 5, 2011

Since work on the VWER build is just about complete (the first meeting is today at 5PM), and since I’m now done with my finals, I decided to build the VWER logo out of prims in world. The logo is made up mostly of rings and spheres, so it wasn’t a particularly difficult build, but […]

VWER Auditorium Build (Part 2)

• May 1, 2011

The second half of the VWER build involved the stadium seating on the other side of the auditorium structure. This space will be used for presentations and for VWER roundtable meetings. We already had some basic seat architecture built, but I worked to integrate this into the existing structure. The space beneath the seating also […]