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winter in Bowling Green

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

In fact, Icame in bowling green on 1st March 2009. The weather was very cold for me. I thought I can not live in this city because of the cold weather.Now, I am very happy after a year, because I see all four seasons at Bowling Green; and the people here are friendly. Now, I like cold weather and snow. the snow looks nice when Isee all the ground white color.

my spirng break

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

I spent a beautiful spring break in Smoky Mountain in Gatlingburg,TN, and Orlando, Florida. I hate driving, but I did it to there. I stopped driving in Gattlingburg, TN after 8 hour drive. We stayed for 2 days. The smoky mountain has stunning views, and I lived in a very beautiful hotel with my wife and my daughter. I regret informing you that  I’m leaving. I will never forget living in Gatlingburg. I stopped driving in Florida after 10 hour. In my opinion the Gatlingburg beautiful then Orlando. I returned to bowling Green late spouse, after the end of the spring break

my family

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

My name Nawaf. I’m thirty years old. I am married for three years. I have a daughter. My daughter 14 months old. I am a student in America. I have five brothers and three sisters. I am the fourth among my brothers. My father is responsible of the tribe. He died in February 2009. My mother lives in the city of Jeddah with my brothers. Always, I contacted them and they call me too. I miss them a lot and I hope to visit them soon as possible.

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