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Bobb takes control of classrooms

According to the Detroit Free Press, Wayne County Circuit Judge Wendy Baxter, granted Robert Bobb the authority to take control over academic operations for DPS last Friday.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

As the emergency financial manager for the district, Bobb’s responsibility is to help improve the deficit the school system faces. But Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill last Wednesday, giving all emergency financial managers of school systems the power to make academic decisions, along with financial decisions. In addition, Bobb now has the power to dismiss the school board, the same one that filed a suit against him accusing him of assuming control over academic decisions.

Baxter, ruled in favor of the school board in December, but against the governor her ruling is now null and void.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Bobb has the power to change or terminate union contracts within 60 days.

It just seems like the state of Michigan is in favor of making the school system worse by allowing Bobb all of these responsibilities. But it’s not even like he needed the governor’s help because he had his hand in academic decisions since he was hired. He might as well be put in the position of the superintendent.

The governor’s actions aren’t surprising though. He recently proposed a $470 per pupil budget cut in K-12 schools in the state.

Robert Bobb is going to take the district and tear it apart by the time he leaves. He’s closed too many schools and now he’s going to destroy the classroom. With the possibility of terminating teacher unions, everyone is going to be on edge. Bobb can barely handle the district’s finances, how is he going to handle academic decisions? He doesn’t know what it takes to improve the classroom.