Jackie Robinson Day generates multiple stories

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Jackie Robinson Day has generated large sums of media coverage since it was incorporated eight years ago.

The day, which is celebrated by Major League Baseball every April 15, honors the day that Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier when he broke into the league with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.

In honor of Robinson, every April 15, all players wear No. 42, which was retired by MLB in 1997.

Jackie Robinson in uniform for the Brooklyn Dodgers, wearing his #42. (Photo from: http://www.metshotcorner.com/nostalgia/jackie-robinson-breaks-the-color-barrier-64-years-ago-today/)

In that days that had led up to this year’s celebration of Jackie Robinson Day, there were numerous stories and press releases that could be found in newspapers and on the internet.

One press release that was put out by MLB.com, announced that it would launch a website to commemorate Robinson.

The website, ‘IAM42.com’, “features video tributes from MLB All-Stars Jason Heyward, Prince Fielder, David Price, Mariano Rivera and David Wright,” according to the release.

The press release by MLB was not the only place fans could find out about the launch of the website.

A story on Emissourian.com also made news of the new website, adding that the site was designed to “celebrate Robinson’s legacy, and give thanks.”

The press release from MLB contains all of the qualities of a typical news stories.

It is newsworthy as Robinson is obviously one of the most prominent figures in the sport of baseball, and the announcement of this website is fairly big news to the baseball world.

The release is well-written and follows AP style, just as any online story or a newspaper story.

It was not clear whether or not this particular press release generated other stories about the launch of the new website, however, it is very possible that it did have an impact on other stories that were written.

The story that was found to be related to the press release is considerably shorter than the release itself.

The news story only mentions that MLB has launched this new website in honor of Robinson, but the press release goes into much more detail, and explains what Jackie Robinson Day is all about, and what the new website is all about.

Here is an excerpt from the press release explaining the new website, www.IAM42.com:

“‘IAM42’ (www.IAM42.com) is a new digital campaign designed for fans to make a personal connection to the legacy of Baseball Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson through online video sharing and social networking via Twitter and Facebook. IAM42.com features personal video tributes from more than 60 current players and legends to honor the 64th Anniversary of Robinson’s historic moment, including Baseball Hall of Famers Ernie Banks, Lou Brock and Andre Dawson; and MLB All-Stars Jason Heyward, Prince Fielder, David Price, Mariano Rivera and David Wright. Launching on Jackie Robinson Day, fans of all ages are encouraged to share their thoughts on the enduring impact of Robinson breaking baseball’s color barrier. The site will be updated throughout the year, in the lead-up to the 65th anniversary of Jackie Robinson Day, April 15, 2012. ‘IAM42.com’ is the latest MLB initiative aimed at educating all fans about Jackie Robinson and supporting his enduring legacy, joining Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI); Breaking Barriers: In Sports, In Life; Diverse Business Partners; and the MLB Urban Youth Academies. IAM42.com is powered by MLB.com, the official Web site of Major League Baseball.”


New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera is the only player who still wears No. 42 everyday. When the number was retired by MLB, players who still wore the number were told that they could continue to wear the number until they retired.


Opening Day excites some, and others could care less

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Bowling Green – There are millions of baseball fans throughout the world and most have been waiting for this particular week since the 2010 World Series ended last November.

Opening day has come and gone for the 2011 Major League Baseball season and many students at Bowling Green State University have had their baseball “itch” fulfilled, while others still have no interest in one of baseball’s most exciting weeks.

“This is my favorite week of the year,” said Clay Rolf, 19, a freshman education major from New Rochester, Ohio.

“I have loved baseball ever since I was a little kid. I always wanted to play at the collegiate level, but I chose to play football here instead,” Rolf added.

With the new season comes a new rule for MLB.

According to a story on ESPN.com MLB has created a new 7-day disabled list for players with concussions.

Though the rule change is significant, it still doesn’t take away the fact that opening day marks a new beginning for all 30 teams.

For the teams that didn’t perform very well in the previous season, the fresh start brings optimism to some dedicated fans.

“I have been [a Cleveland] Indians fan my whole life,” said Eric Gerwin, a 21-year-old senior actuarial science major from Pemberville, Ohio.

“It gives me hope that the Indians will have a good year like they did in 2007. Even though they’re young, I think they can still make the playoffs.”

But there are still the fans out there that are not necessarily looking forward to the season.

“Since I’m a New York Yankees fan, I really don’t even get excited for the season anymore,” said Matt Schlumbohm, a 20-year-old education major from Stony Ridge, Ohio.

“I mean it’s almost a given that the Yankees are going to make the playoffs every years, so I don’t get really excited about the season until playoff time gets closer.”

Though the beginning of baseball season seems to be exciting to most, there are the few others out there who really don’t care for the sport to begin with.

“I never played baseball or softball when I was younger and I still have no interest in baseball,” said Olivia DeFiesta, a 21-year-old junior from Bowling Green, Ohio.

“It’s just pretty boring to me. It’s slow and there’s too much just standing around.”

Now that baseball season is finally here, many of the fans at BGSU can sit back and enjoy the long 2011 season.

Bonds’ trial begins

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The highly-anticipated Barry Bonds perjury trial is finally underway and there has been already been some interesting aspects.

According to a story on ESPN.com, Bond’s former friend and business partner testified on Wednesday that he watched Bonds walk into his master bedroom with his trainer Greg Anderson, who had a syringe and needle in hand.

Steve Hoskins also testified that he never saw Anderson inject Bonds with steroids, but he had recorded conversations between Bonds and Anderson as they were talking about performance-enhancing drugs.

The story says:

“Much of the recording was first released by the prosecution in February 2009. At one point, Anderson is heard discussing what the government alleges are designer steroids he supplied to Bonds.”

Barry Bonds, baseball's home run king, is on trial for lying to a jury about taking PED's. (Photo by: http://www.popstarsplus.com/sports_barrybonds.htm)

Hoskins then was hammered by the defendant’s lawyers for giving answers that were inconsistent to answers he gave in a previous testimony several years ago. He claimed that there were errors in both the grand jury testimony and a government report on an April 2005 meeting he held with prosecutors.

The defense went on to question Hoskins’ credibility and they accused him of trying to extort baseball’s home run king.

The story ends by Hoskins saying that he only wanted what was best for his former friend, Bonds, and that he would never want to hurt him saying:

“‘I’d never want to get Mr. Bonds in trouble in any way, shape or form,” he said, calling [Bonds] “a very good friend” and “a very good person.”

“I was the one trying to stop him from taking steroids because I thought it was bad for him,” Hoskins said.”





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