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Quick, Easy, and Cheap

Quick, Simple, and Cheap!

I recently had a great discovery of one of my new favorite dishes to make, which costs close to nothing to make. Quesadillas! As I was walking through the grocery store, I noticed that tortilla shells were about a dollar. Instantly, I began finding out exactly how to make a quesadilla (since I had never made one before). Like many other dishes, quesadillas can be made in your own creative way.

For the ingredients to make quesadillas, I find that Wal-Mart is the best place to go. Their Great Value products, though off-brand, are generally still the same quality as name-brand products. For quesadillas, you will need, at least, flour tortillas and a Mexican blend of cheese. Each package of these ingredients is less than $2.00 and can make about 8 quesadillas.

Remember, that you can be as creative with these as you want! Add chicken, sautéed vegetables, and spices! Also, if you like to use condiments like salsa and sour cream, don’t forget to only buy as much as you need so that it doesn’t expire before you get to use it all.

Here is a quick and easy recipe to get you started on making quesadillas (


1 pkg. (10 inch) flour tortillas
1 c. shredded cheddar cheese
1 c. Monterey Jack cheese, shredded

In a large frying pan, on low-medium heat, put 1 tortilla laid flat. Sprinkle cheese over half of tortilla. When cheese is melted, fold tortilla and continue heating until browned lightly and crisp. Remove from pan and eat. Add additional ingredients if desired.

How to Pasta

Here’s a quick video that I made about making a simple bow tie pasta with a roasted red pepper sauce.  All of the ingredients cost a total of about 5 dollars, which include: garlic, jarred roasted red peppers, alfredo sauce, 1 lb box of bow tie pasta and olive oil.  Enjoy!