The First two Weeks

The first two weeks were probably the most fun I had that whole month. The first day there we got to meet the president of the university that we were staying at. After that, we had a traditional Chinese style meal.

A  normal Chinese meal is many different dishes and side dishes on a spinning table shared with everyone at the table. As many know  Chinese use chopsticks to eat but what I realized was that eating with chopsticks also helps with eating slow and correct portions.


Xian City Wall

After the lunch and for the rest of the two weeks I explode china with the language partners and my classmates. The language partners where students that went to the Universty. They would go around with us and the rest of my classmates and I would help them with their English. Then they would teach us different Chinese words. I was nice because the student were also in college and the same so we had a lot of the same interest but just a little different

ancient civilization museum


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