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April 29, 2010

Farewell Post!

I have had a blast writing and researching for this blog! The Land of Thieves and Ghosts serves as the final project for a class on vampire literature I am taking, and the project is due later today. So, sadly, I will no longer post updates to the blog after today.

I hope reading this blog served as a form of entertainment and that it enlightened such topics related to vampirism like the folklore behind vampire myths and even historical people who have influenced the vampire in popular culture. If you are looking for similar blogs, I have a few suggestions. The London Vampire, found here, provides answers to questions related to vampirism and has many entries discussing vampire myths. Once Bitten, Twice Damned is a second vampire blog that may be of interest. The blog covers many topics related to vampires from history and popular culture. A final blog that you may find interesting is Magia Posthuma, a blog focusing on the history of vampirism. This last blog has some entries including parts of documents in their original languages, which I found fascinating, but may be a bit cumbersome if you are not fluent in several languages.

I cannot fully attest to the research conducted by the authors of these blogs, but rest assured that I sought my information from scholarly sources. If you are interested in the sources I used, visit my bibliography page, here.

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