Updates to COVID FAQ

I’ve just added some updates to my COVID-19 FAQ, including:

  • Specific estimates of infection mortality rate (often 5 to 10 people per 1000) with links to sources.
  • More information on risks of COVID-19 to children, with more citations. Notably, although most children do not experience severe symptoms and very few die, up to 40% of children who contract the disease may experience moderate symptoms including pneumonia. Risks tend to be greater among infants and those who are immunocompromised.
  • New information about risks of spread of SARS-CoV-2 infections among children. Notably, spread appears to be much more common among children older than 12, whereas children younger than 12 most often get it from an adult rather than from other children their age. But this is based on very limited and preliminary evidence, so extreme caution should be taken in using this information to make widespread policy decisions.

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