My name is Justin Evers and I am in my senior year at Bowling Green State University, origonally from Celina, Ohio.  My major is Supply Chain Management and I will graduate May 09, 2009.  I took last semester off to do a 7 month Coop with Goodrich Corporation in Troy, Ohio.  I was recently offered a full time position in the Supply Chain Leadership Program, which is three, Eight month rotations at 3 different Goodrich locations around the country.  The reason I am taking this class is to build my self confidence and to become a more effective public speaker as I start my career.

3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. jwasp
    6:39 pm - 3-2-2009

    I found your USB thumb-drive in the ridge st manor parking lot. Email me at if you would like it back. I am also on Facebook.


  2. jwasp
    6:40 pm - 3-2-2009

    I found your thumb-drive please email me back so i can give it to you. I am also on facebook. Thanks

  3. jevers
    7:25 pm - 3-2-2009

    I live at 22 ridge manner apartments. That explains why I dropped it in that parking lot. Please drop it off at apartment 22 or call me at 419-733-4043. I do not have facebook, so I can not contact you on that. Please leave me your phone number, call me, or drop it off at my apartment or I don’t know how else to get ahold of you.

    Thanks so much,

    Justin Evers

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