Speech #4 Reflection

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For my fourth and final speech in this class, I chose to present a demonstrative speech on “How To Make a Fleece Blanket”. I had some trouble with this speech because after I had chosen the topic and began preparing the speech, I realized that my topic did not give me enough information to present a well developed and lengthy speech. I tried to do as much research as possible to learn about different techniques for making these blankets, but I had some trouble. During my presentation, I tried to maintain eye contact with the audience and speak clearly and loud enough for everyone to hear. I was quite nervous but I think that I did an okay job at making eye contact. My voice was pretty shaky because I was really nervous so I think I could have improved in that area. I also panicked a little bit towards the middle of the presentation because my notecards fell out of order in the process of me demonstrating how to make the blanket so that kind of threw me off and caused me to pause during my speech. Besides the few minor setbacks in the speech, I think that if I were to do a demonstrative speech again I would be sure to pick a more detailed topic and not be so nervous. 🙂

Speech #2 Reflection

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I think that our group speech over Chapter 15 went very well. I think that our group was very prepared for the speech and presented the information in a good way. We had split the chapter into four sections and each of us was responsible for outlining and presenting on that section. During our actual presentation, we completed the time requirement which was a concern that we had, so that was good. I feel very good about the section that I presented. I think that I maintained good eye contact with the class and that I presented the information very well. I tried not to look at the power point because I knew that it would distract me from making eye contact with the class. I feel that my voice and over all verbal presentation was strong also. I think that something I could improve on is the speed of my voice. I get a little nervous in front of the class and I start talking really fast so I think I should work on fixing that.

Speech #1 Reflection

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I think that my speech went pretty well. I usually hate giving speeches about myself but I felt pretty comfortable giving my speech. I always talk really fast when I’m nervous so I was glad that my speech was long enough. I was still pretty nervous standing in front of the class, but I think that I was able to put that aside and do a fairly decent job on my speech. I don’t really even remember using my notecards which I guess is a good thing? Overall, I think that it went as well as I could have hoped for it to go, but I’m sure that there are things I could improve on. 🙂

Class Reflection 1/21

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In class on 1/21 we talked about the ethics that should be upheld by the class during presentations. These rules of ethics were made for both the audience and the speaker. I thought that it was good to make these outlines so that the class could have expectations for the speaker and vice versa. After making these rules of ethics, it is less likely that disruptions will occur during speeches and hopefully it will make people more comfortable when giving their speeches in class.


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Hi 🙂 

I’m Stephanie but I usually just go by Steph. I’m a junior at BG and I’m an IPC major with a minor in event planning. I really don’t think that I want to do event planning anymore but maybe by the time I graduate I will. I’m from Chardon, OH which is just east of Cleveland and I don’t really miss my town; its just small and boring. I’m really involved with my sorority Chi Omega and I love being a part of it. I’m pretty laid back and just like to have fun! 🙂