SMG, pp.356-66

This reading dealt with the starting points of proposing a solution. The first step is to chose a problem to write about. You want to chose a problem that interests you and then do some further exploring on the subject. The next step is to define the problem. You want to focus into your audience and refine the purpose of the paper. Following this, a plausible solution needs to be proposed. After stating the solution, think of possible alternate solutions. These ideas will turn into an effective counterargument. Lastly, you want to make sure your paper has a readable plan. This consists of a strong thesis and an outline.

I found this section to be helpful. I often struggle with coming up with an effective counterargument and I felt this section really helped me narrow down my choices and ultimately pick the best one. I was able to do so after jotting down several points for each argument. I then chose the argument that included the most valid and strong points.

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