Adding Media

We are back again with another question, this time in relation to media:

How do I add files, similar to this file that had a link on the University Library blog that you could open?

For your first reference, we recommend looking over at, specifically at this page. This link covers adding documents to a post and simply to be uploaded into the blog’s media library:

If you are looking for more information or about other media types, check out’s support topic on Media. ¬†One this page you will find alot of links regarding the addition of images, audio, and even video:

BGSU Blogs accepts a variety of media types, but if you find one that isn’t accepted and you believe that it should be as a base feature of WordPress, let us know at There could be many reasons why the system isn’t recognizing your media, and we can help in directing you to the proper method, or have you request a new feature be added to the blogging system in the future.

Happy Blogging!