rough draft of profile essay.19

Jessica Miles
Amy Rybak
GSW 1100
20 September 2011

Intriguing Place = the student recreation center
Dominant Impression= A girls eye view on the Schools rec.
Organizational Plan = Narrative, detail story
Time spent so far = about 6 hours.
The “Cycle of College”
Looking down on those below, circling them as they stare up at us, we watch different native behaviors, such as, jumping and chasing, yelling and screaming! We observed the male peacocking, and showing skin. The female natives searching in herds, hunting down there next prey. Also in this hostile environment, you can observe the elderly standing strong watching and protecting the young. All of these different elements work together in harmony, to create what some would call “the circle of college”.
The rec looking down can be described as the “cycle of college”. Similar to the “cycle of life” that happens in the wild. The “cycle of life” in brief descriptions; a relationship is created, then processed into a partnership. Then connections happen, and growth is the consequence. In both situations, plus many others, this is the cycle.
In many cases the “cycle of college”, could happen anywhere college students are located. But there are certain places where it is more apparent, for example, the schools union, or a popular class room. But there is one place that sick’s out the most at my school, Bowling Green State University, for the “cycle of college”, none other than the Student Recreation Center.
Recently a friend and I, a young lady name Kelli Jordan, have made a pack to go to the gym every Thursday. The rec as its most commonly called, on Thursday is one of the most of the popular days out the week, mainly because everyone goes out on Friday, and earlier in the week everyone is hitting the books. So of course we as girls want to go workout on the days the cutest guys on campus decides to go. We look at them as motivation to get our body in better shape.
And see that’s exactly, how it starts. Girls do not go to the gym mainly to workout however the case. And guys don’t go to the gym, just to play Basketball or left weights. It’s simple to mix and mingle, plus to see other people. Once I notice this phenomenon, I gave it the title “cycle of college”.
I like to believe I am a sociologist, and paying attention to the actions, ways, and relations is something I’m defiantly good at. Hence the reason why I called the rec, the man place for the “cycle of college”.
To begin, in the “cycle of life” just like in the well-known movie Lion King, there was a relationship made, between Samba and is wife. In the rec. There are similar relationships made, whether romantically or just creating friendships, but over all a relationship is created there. Take my two friends Blake and Cameron. These two guys have never seen each other before, incoming freshmen just trying to play a little ball, and after playing basketball together, they are now the best of friends. It took only one full day, of getting to know one another on the court, for them to now be inseparable.
Next the rec, on campus helps form relationships. As a girl on campus I know it’s not hard to find people you have things in common with. And an institution like the rec is a place to find those individual. The campus rec, sever approximately over 800 students a day, with almost every kind of culture, race, ages, etc.to form a close relationship can defiantly start here. For my own experience, I have become very close to some of the other girls who go regularly.
The rec is wonderful for connections. Not only to meet and exchange numbers and information, but also knowledge. They have many different departments there to be used as a resource. One of the connections you can make at the school recreation center is the Wellness Connection. The Wellness Connection is a place on campus is a lifestyle enhancement, information and referral center on the first floor of the rec. You can go there and learn all about health issues, and personal concern. The health center help fit into the “cycle of college” because to survive in college you must have connections. To learn, live, and experience different things you must make connections with others, to fully enjoy, and make the most out of college. Which is why the rec, is the best place to hang, it’s just a cluster of connections all in one building.
Lastly the growth of college. Just like in the “cycle of life” after a connection is made, in result growth and expansion is bound to happen. People you meet at the rec, if you are warm and welcoming, could possibly be a part of your family in the future! You can meet people in the rec, which will be your friends forever. And it all started with building a relationship and hanging out with people you are interested in.
The recreation center on campus is over all, a great place to be as a first year student. Kelli Jordan, one of my closes friends here at BG says “it’s something always going on here! We come 25% to work out, 20% to meet others, and 55% just to look at and socialize with guys!” even though I don’t totally agree with those numbers. Those 3 things are the reasons we go to the gym, same as others.

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  1.    Janay at September 22nd, 2011 10:13 am:

    * the way you talked about the rec made me see it in a different way. it kept me interested in your story.
    * isn’t it the “circle of life”
    * when you end it you should talk about how you have benefited from the rec overall.

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