My issues or research question: Does MTV’s Teen Mom promote pregnancy among teenage girls?

My audience: I would like to address the teen girls who do not watch the show Teen Mom.

My purpose: I would like to persuade people to believe that Teen Mom does not glamorize or promote teen pregnancy, but actually shows girls the struggle of having a child at a young age.

Sources I plan to use: An article about Teen Pregnancy rates dropping after shows like Teen Mom debuted. This information supports my thesis.

The National Campaign t0 Prevent Teen Pregnancy- Statistics and research from girls who watch Teen Mom that show that these shows actually are making teens rethink their decisions and realize the consequence to having a baby young. I will use the statistics as solid proof in my essay. This website expresses that Teen Mom should be off the air and no longer viewed. This will make a good counterargument for my essay.

My preliminary thesis: MTV’s Teen Mom shows teenagers the hardships and struggles of raising a child young without promoting or glamorizing teen pregnancy.

My opponents will most likely say this: My opponents will most likely argue that girls believe that if they were to become pregnant, they can be on the tv show so that raises the chance of girls getting pregnant.