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Old Navy launches Techno World clothing line
Posted on December 5th, 2011 at 5:23 pm by and

With the holiday season approaching quickly, many are trying to buy that one unique gift to give. Old Navy announced today that they are launching their Techno World line in stores located in the U.S. and Canada from now until the end of December.

Old Navy partnered up with HB3 Technology to add Touch Screen technology to clothes, according to a press release Techno World products, as they are called, can be considered inexpensive as they range from $6.50 to $34.94.

Techno World products contain different types of technology in them. For instance, they added machine-washable earphones into a jacket that can connect to media devices.

So people could “rock out”, Techno World added touch-sensitive technology to their shirts so that people could play the guitar on their shirts. Handheld amplifiers come with each T-shirt so they can strum the guitar as they wish.

Bowling Green State University communications student, Jessica Coyle 19, from Sylvania, Ohio said, “I think this is a really cool idea, but I feel like it will turn out tacky-looking, so no one will buy it.”

T-shirts and jackets are not the only articles of clothing and accessories to be technologically developed. Customers can find Touch Screen gloves, frost-free lap top cases and Discoball speakers.

“I think the Touch Screen gloves is a good idea because I can use my iPhone without having to take my gloves off,” said sophomore Holley Mosher, 19, theater major at BGSU.

Techno World products are available now in any Old Navy store found around the country.

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