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Fall fashion trends at BGSU are as vibrant as the changing leaves
Posted on November 15th, 2011 at 3:38 pm by and

Just as the leaves on the trees are changing colors, so are the wardrobes for BGSU men and women.  Expect to see bright colors of reds and oranges and plenty of patterns.

For women, the Native American trend, described in October’s Lucky magazine, features unique patterns in shirts, skirts and jewelry. Polka dots are also making a comeback on everything from headbands to boots, according to College

Plaid shirts for men are popular among BGSU students.

For men, bright blue sweaters, plaid flannel shirts and Chino pants are in style.  Favorite standbys such as scarves and new trends such as feathers in the hair and half-shaved heads are part of the BGSU fashion culture.

Some fashion items that may never go out of style are yoga pants and sweat pants. Susan Wagner, a fashion writer for Friday Style, calls yoga pants the “new sweats” and that women can wear them pretty much anywhere.

A new trend for women is one or more feathers in the hair. In a story published this summer in USA Today, Jenny Elig, a reporter for the Indianapolis Star, said the feather trend started last spring when “American Idol” judge, Steven Tyler, wore a long feather extension. Elig said that feather extensions range from $15 to $50 and last about four to six weeks. Some women say this look is popular because it can make an outfit look edgy, or it can make an outfit look simple

“I like the feather in the hair because it is something different, and any girl can wear it,” said visual communications technology major Toria Felton, 20, of Tiffin, Ohio. “Plus, it’s not permanent.”

While there is more variation in trends for women, men also are varying their look around BGSU’s campus. Men say that flannels are popular because they are stylish, yet comfortable. They are also can be very affordable, which is part of the reason why college men are snatching them up at Old Navy for $30 or at Khols, starting at $22.

“Flannels are my current favorite clothing trend. They are comfortable, yet they look nice,” said business major Aaron Kline, 20, of Upper Sandusky, Ohio. “You can throw one on right before class and no one would be able to tell that you just rolled out of bed.” Old Navy sells a variety of flannel pants for under $15.

One fashion trend that students are seeing more of is the half –shaved head on females. This is a look that is receiving mixed results on this campus. Communication disorders major Kayla Devine, 19, of Rochester Hills, MI said that it is “unrefined” and “unprofessional.”

Skinny jeans are seen rarely around campus, showing students that it is not a popular trend.  While college men have said that skinny jeans give an edgy look to the male figure, some female students disagree.

“I don’t like skinny jeans on males. I think it gives the male gender a feminine vibe, which is not what us males want to have,” said construction management major Tyler Kanary, 20, of Rossford, Ohio.

Fall weather also signals sweatshirt season, and this is the season when BGSU apparel is most prevalent. Even though the weather is not quite cold enough for a heavy coat, many students grab their favorite BGSU “hoodie” to head to class.  Sports management student AJ Mitchell, 19, from Gaithersburg, MD said he wears BGSU apparel at least four times a week.

“I usually always wear BGSU stuff, even if I am just going to the Recreation Center to work out. I like supporting and representing my school.”


51 thoughts on “Fall fashion trends at BGSU are as vibrant as the changing leaves

  1. Link Here | November 21, 2011,

    This is very interesting! I love the title it is very creative and I have definitely seen flannels and skinny jeans around campus a lot.


  2. Link Here | November 21, 2011,

    Great Person On The Street Story! The corresponding article is very relevant to your story and ties together well.. I would definitely agree that Fall brings warmer colors such as reds, browns and oranges. Good Job!

    Mykel Lindsay

  3. Link Here | November 21, 2011,

    Nice to see the trends of what BGSU students are wearing and their opinion of what other students wear. Ill agree with Kanary, I don’t like skinny jeans on males, I think they look really dumb and just wrong. I also see a lot of people wear BGSU apparel, I never do. Maybe I should start representing my school more.

    Meghan Coburn

  4. Link Here | January 9, 2012,

    Plaid shirts are so cool. I love both the design and colors.

      Mr. Van |    

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