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Traditional wedding dresses no more
Posted on October 24th, 2011 at 8:55 pm by and

Most girls dream about their future traditional wedding- a white dress, wonderful husband, and a beautiful location. Most, however, did not imagine going out of the ordinary by having a black wedding dress, which is exactly what Vera Wang has created.

Wang wanted to give more of an edgy look to bridal dresses because she was “frustrated” with being traditional all of the time. She added nude colors and “sheer” material to the dresses so they did not look so dark.

“I did take it to a witchy kind of place,” Wang said. “For me, it helped build a sense of mystery that I was hungry for. And it added this sensuality and sexuality, and a little bit of severity, too.”

The gothic look did, however, create controversy. Some thought that it was not traditional and not proper. Others thought it was a lack of etiquette.

Jung Lee, a founder of Fête, an event-planning company in Manhattan, said, “The bride who chooses the black dress does not care about etiquette. That’s not to say she doesn’t have manners, but it’s certainly not etiquette.”

This is not Wang’s first time changing up the traditional bridal color. She has chosen to make dresses in the colors purple, green, and neutral. This is her first time making such a risqué wedding dress.

When seeing the unique-colored dress previewed, Mark Ingram, owner of the Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier in Manhattan, said, “It was shocking and outrageous, but it was also fabulous.”

Maybe the “unique-colored wedding dress look” will create a new trend, starting with celebrities. As the New York Times said, maybe a new phenomenon will occur, starting with a red-carpet ritual, instead of the traditional white.

Black wedding dresses created by Vera Wang.

12 thoughts on “Traditional wedding dresses no more

  1. Link Here | October 26, 2011,

    This is so fascinating. You know my love for Vera Wang anyway, so the fact that she is doing something even more different makes me love her more. I wonder how much of a “hit” these will be.

    Meghan Coburn

  2. Link Here | October 26, 2011,

    I personally hate the idea of a black wedding dress, but it was interesting to read about!

    Emily Clingerman

  3. Link Here | October 30, 2011,

    Interesting post, newsworthy.

    Why are some words in your story underlined, but not hyperlinked?

    As I said last week, your attribution needs to be HIGH in the story! 1st or 2nd graf. Each quote needs to be attributed separately. This is important.

    For your lead, I would be careful about saying “most” girls do any one thing. How do you know? You can say “many” or “some.”

    Sara Shipley Hiles

  4. Link Here | January 20, 2012,

    I am getting married this year and I would be really surprised if I see my bride with black wedding dress. May be I am too conservative, I don’t know.

      Ronald Rentals |    

  5. Link Here | January 24, 2012,

    Although I find the new trends in wedding dresses original and inspiring in a way, I still believe that there is certain charm that the color white adds to the whole celebration of marriage.

      Miss Gone |    

  6. Link Here | January 30, 2012,

    OMG, these dresses are just fabulous, I would wear one with pleasure on my wedding!

      Janet Colorado |    

  7. Link Here | February 6, 2012,

    These dresses are just gorgeous, I would be happy to get married in one of these awesome dresses!

      Brenda Removal |    

  8. Link Here | February 6, 2012,

    Well, the time of traditional wedding dresses has passed away! No more white especially when we have black wedding dresses. I actually like the idea as it is nice to have opportunities, if you want to be dressed in purple or black, why not? It is your wedding after all! Vacation rental


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