BGSU Choral Program announces collaboration with Santa Barbara Music Publishing Company


“Bowling Green State University College of Music has found a new way to leave its mark on the world of choral music,” writes the Sentinel Tribune.

“Mark Munson, the director of choral studies, hit upon the idea to create a Bowling Green State University Series with Santa Barbara Music Publishing. Munson called the company “the cutting edge publisher for choral music.”

The series would include pieces  composed for BGSU vocal ensembles.”

The first piece in the collaboration with the publishing company is a composition by American composer Libby Larsen. As the 2012 McMaster Professor in Vocal and Choral Studies, Larsen  worked closely with the choral program at the College of Musical Arts during  her residency.

“Look! Be: leap;” was commissioned to commemorate the centennial of the University Women’s Chorus and will be premiered at the 2014 New Music Festival on Thursday, October 16  in Kobacker Hall.

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For more information on the upcoming premiere of Libby Larsen’s “Look! Be: leap;” visit the New Music Festival page for a full event listing.