Morgen Stiegler and The BGSU Jazz Faculty Group To Preform for WBGU’s “Live Wire” at The Clazel Theater

Vocalist Morgen Stiegler and the BGSU jazz faculty group will be performing a 45 minute show for the WBGU/PBS program “Live Wire” at the Clazel Theatre in downtown Bowling Green at 11 pm on March 22nd. This performance is part of BGSU Jazz Week 2012. The event will be taped live and then air as a 30 minute television show. It is a night full of many local and regional acts, which include jazz, folk, and pop genres. This 11pm show follows the BGSU Vocal Jazz Ensemble Concert, also part of Jazz Week 2012 that starts at 8pm in Bryan Recital Hall. Come out for a night of jazz (and after hours jazz)!

For more information on the Live Wire performances that night visit: