Daily Archives: July 6, 2010

New York Voices Vocal Jazz Camp returns to BGSU

Following rave reviews from last year’s participants and concert attendees, the New York Voices Vocal Jazz Camp returns to Bowling Green State University’s College of Musical Arts Aug. 2-8. The camp will once again provide a blend of the group’s style of ensemble singing and soloist virtuosity in both teaching and performing. The multiple Grammy Award-winners return with several new releases in tow.

“Singing at the camp both as a soloist and as part of an ensemble has informed not just my work and performance in jazz, but also my singing in front of rock crowds with my rhythm and blues band,” reported Texas resident Elisha Jordan, a 2009 camp participant.

While this uniquely American art form was the popular music of the 1930s and ’40s, a recent resurgence with such performers as Norah Jones and Michael Bublé has lent the educational efforts of the New York Voices new steam.

In concerts on Aug. 3 and Aug. 5, group members Kim Nazarian, Peter Eldridge, Darmon Meader and Lauren Kinhan will perform material from their solo recordings. Kinhan will have her just-released project “Avalon” to debut to Midwest audiences, and in a joint concert bass vocalist Eldridge will preview material from his soon-to-be released “Mad Heaven.” On Aug. 7, the New York Voices will be featured in concert as the final event of the camp.

Rejoining the group will be West Coast vocal entrepreneur Greg Jasperse, who continues to make his mark as an ensemble and solo vocalist in a cappella, vocal jazz and other vocal groups.

For registration information, visit www.BGSUjazz.com.