Ancillary Areas

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Attached is a link to the locker room that can be found at Paul Brown Stadium. This is the Cincinnati Bengals locker room. As you can see they have very large and nice lockers. The carpeting appears to be individual squares that can easily be replaced if need be. The openness of the locker room allows for the coach to talk to his team in a large area so that they are all comfortable and in sight. It also appears to be well lit and cleaned. Proper maintenance and upkeep of a locker room is essential. There isn’t much worse than being in a rundown locker room that smells bad before you prepare for a big game. As a designer or manager of the facility you want to make sure that the users are comfortable and safe. For this particular facility you want to make sure the area is secure and that no personal items are tampered with as the lockers are wide open. The showers and of restroom items must also be maintained and cleaned. The facility also needs to be properly equipped. Trash cans must be placed around the area. In this particular facility it would be beneficial to have TVs and stereo equipment. Also storage for food and beverage. These athletes spend a lot of time in the locker room before and after games. The materials are higher end for a locker room as the team is a professional team. They make a lot of money and obviously will want the best of everything in the locker room itself.

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