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A Closer Look at BGSU “Green” Dining Services

Just how “green” are Bowling Green State University Dining Services? Some of the major projects students may notice are the two dining facilities under construction. They are silver LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified free standing dining facilities. LEED is a national system of ranking buildings based on their environmental impact, design, construction, operation […]

Lights off at BGSU

The oldest buildings on campus, Moseley, University and Hanna halls, can be considered creepy in the day time, but imagine what they are like when all the lights are off at night.  On the outside, the old brick is covered with long vines, which make their way down the sides of the buildings.  As they […]

Surfing the Crimson Tide: a look at feminine hygiene products

Periods happen. Since the beginning of time women have had to deal with the flow between their legs. Most American women opt for mainstream products like tampons or sanitary napkins to manage their cycles. The mainstream feminine hygiene product industry is a booming business simply because women will always need a way to manage their cycles. […]

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