Huron, Ohio – Students and faculty in the respiratory care program at Bowling Green State University Firelands College have launched a crowdfunding campaign to purchase an adult/pediatric ventilator to enhance the learning experience.

With just more than a week left to go in the 30-day crowdfunding campaign, students and faculty in the respiratory care program have already raised more than $4,000 to go toward the purchase of the ventilator.

The ventilator will be used by students in the labs at both the Firelands campus and in Lorain through a joint partnership with Lorain County Community College.

“With the addition of this ventilator, students will be able to learn advanced modes of ventilation that are not available on our current equipment,” said Carol Puder, director of clinical education for respiratory care at BGSU Firelands.

“Adding the Servo-i ventilator in the education of our students has the potential to not only improve student learning and increase the pass rates for graduates on national board exams, but also to ensure competency in patient procedures, increase critical care skills, and make our graduates more competitive in the job market,” Puder said.

The benefits of the new equipment purchase will extend beyond the classroom walls and into the community as well.

“Once our students graduate, they will become employed at health care facilities throughout the region. They need to be familiar with the wide variety of ventilators used in these facilities. Working with different ventilators in the lab allows our students to become competent in providing care with this equipment,” Puder said.

Julie Miles, of Fremont, and a student in the respiratory care program said, “Having the opportunity to work with this new ventilator in our lab will be beneficial to our respiratory care group by helping us become more successful working with critical care patients. It will allow us to become familiar with a ventilator that we will see often.”

Crowdfunding is a relatively new fund-raising tool designed to fund a project or venture through raising smaller amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. Crowdfunding is driven through personal connections and outreach.

Students and faculty in the respiratory care program have spearheaded efforts for this campaign with a funding goal of $9,000.

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