28 Feb 2012

BGSU Residential Room Rates to Increase in 2013

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By: Nate Dudzik

The Bowling Green State University Board of Trustees unanimously approved the decision to increase residential room rates by 2.04 percent or 6.94 percent for technology and laundry additions for the 2013 fiscal year. The board met on Friday afternoon at the Bowen-Thompson Student Union on Bowling Green’s campus.

According to the trustees’ board book, Falcon Heights and Centennial Hall will see the largest increases to room rates. The approval was based on giving students the best overall experience, while also ensuring a safe living environment. The funds from these rates will help both current and future students with facility upgrades.

The board also approved changes that will be made to both McDonald and Kreischer residence halls. As a $9.3 million renovation plan, McDonald will receive upgrades to furniture, electrical and kitchen areas. McDonald will also be given a new entrance on the NW side, as well as new landscape to increase the appeal on North College Street. Kreischer Hall was also approved for a $2 million upgrade in data, electrical and fire plans. This would include smoke detectors, wireless upgrades, security cameras and lighting.

Beginning this summer, the Falcons Nest will undergo changes to the first floor as part of a $4 million renovation plan approved at the meeting. The expansion of the Nest will have new brands of food, as well as creating more space within the dining area. The project was created to improve the overall service and experience at the union by having easier traffic flow and faster checkout service.

Other proposals the board acted upon were:

  1. Approved the Blue Water Satellite licensing agreement
  2. Approved degree name change to Bachelor Science in Engineering Technology
  3. Approved a six-year capital plan for the 2013-2018 fiscal years
  4. Approved academic special course fee revisions for 2013 fiscal year
  5. Approved honorary degrees

The next BGSU Board of Trustees meeting will be held on May 4, 2012.

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