Final Story Concept

Story Concept– We chose to perceive specific aspects of life and ignore others.

Exposition– Ann is merrily riding a bicycle along a fragmented landscape of blue skies and sunsets.

Inciting incident –  She picks a flower alongside the path and overlooks an oncoming rabbit wandering in front of her.  She collides with the rabbit, knocking her from the bike and mortally wounding the rabbit.

Rising Conflict– Ann attempts to tend the mangled rabbit, but each attempt only exacerbates the rabbits pain.  As she stares in horror and panic, the landscape begins to shift to something more ominous and sinister (thunderstorms and unpleasant weather).

Crisis–  The rabbits moans and cries create a constant tension.  There is nothing Ann can do as the wounds are to severe.  The landscape continually worsens as Ann emotions rise.   Components of the landscape slowly start to close in on them.

Climax–  A circumstantial hole in the ground arises from the landscapes continual rotation and deformation.  Ann places the likely deceased rabbit in the hole and out of her sight.

Resolution–  The cubist landscape is replaced by an average scenic path.  Ann rides off on her bike, looking significantly less stylized.

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