(Possible) MSE2 Topics

By , February 25, 2010 1:49 pm

I know the ink on MSE1 is barely dry (so to speak), but I’d like to keep your writing focused, and to that end, I invite you to think hard about what you’d like to argue for MSE2. Remember my previous advice for topics as you freewrite, outline, cluster, list and/or question. I’d like to put in research groups for MSE2, so I additionally invite you to consider writing on a topic that could be filed under one of these broad categories:

What is art? What isn’t? Should art be taught more/less in school? What does art contribute to society? Can you interpret a piece of art? Should art ever be censored? Does art enhance imagination? Should video games be considered art? Why do/don’t people go to museums? Who is the greatest artist of all time?

Media Studies
Where should Americans get their news? Are we oversaturated with media? What does Facebook’s popularity amongst young/old people say about America? Why do people become addicted to World of Warcraft? What makes a viral video catch on?

Pop Culture
Why does gangster culture endure? What does reality TV’s popularity say about us? Why does every TV show include lawyers/doctors/forensic scientists/cops? Why is [TV show/movie/musician/video game] popular? Why does torture porn/comic book movies make so much money in theaters? Why is 3-D a trend in movies?

Do computers change the ways we think? Is the Internet the greatest invention of all time? If not, what is?

Health & Wellness
Can we avoid a supervirus? Does the FDA approve too many shady products? Why do more and more people shop organic? Should colleges be more sustainable? What should be done about HIV/AIDS in Africa? What does our obesity epidemic say about us? Should fast food be better-regulated? Why do college students binge drink?

Business & Economics
Should workers be replaced by machines? What’s the role of innovation in business success? Is globalization a good thing? Can anyone reasonably survive on minimum wage?

Are we destroying the earth? Why do people still hunt? Does the EPA do its job? Could BGSU be “greener”?

Consumer Culture
How do advertisements manipulate children? Why do many Americans need to “keep up with the Joneses? What stereotypes exist in advertising? What do Big Box (Best Buy, Olive Garden, Lowe’s, etc.) stores say about us? Why do people go to the mall?

Race Relations
Why do stereotypes endure? Has Obama’s election truly made us “post-racial”? Do TV shows/movies/music help or hurt race relations? Why do suburban white kids so often adopt black culture? Is technology color-blind?

Family & Relationships
Why are some marriages successful (or not)? What’s the modern definition of “family”? How has technology changed dating/relationships? Why do some women stay in abusive relationships? How could parents do their job better? Should families have a family dinner/board game/book club night? Should couples get married sooner than they do? Should every family own a pet?

How do we learn? What should we learn? Should sex ed. be taught? Should schools be segregated? Is online education effective? Why do so few girls like math and science? Has technology made cheating in school easier? Are we too reliant on standardized tests?

Why do some people reject their family’s religion? Should college students “try on” different faiths? How do politicians/athletes/celebrities manipulate religion? Why do religions often make no room for other faiths? Is atheism itself a faith?

Have we truly made advancements in civil rights? Is there economic equality in America? Is the PATRIOT Act legal/moral/ethical? What has shaped America’s international reputation? Are there limits to privacy?

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