Advices for my friends

Hi Lily

I had a really wonderful winter break at this time. How about you?

I knew you are going to take ESOL 1000 in Spring semester. So, here are some advices that I think they can help you do well in the spring semester. First, you need to turn homework in everyday which I know you do really well already, so I don’t worry about this part. Second, you must go to class for learning new knowledge, because it has really good information during the class time. For example, the instructor had tell me that life is unpredictable, so we shouldn’t waste it. This class is not only teach how to write an essay. It also tell you useful informations. Third, you need to be aware of academic dishonesty, because it is really serious “crime” in U.S. It is different than Taiwan system, so don’t even think about copy others work, or cheat in the exam.

You had ask me what would I do differently if I take ESOL 1000 again. There is one thing I definitely would do differently which is I will be more serious on the writing. I will double check my grammar, structure, and ideas every time when I finish my essay. The reason I do that it is because I can learn more and more from check one more time. In addition, I still have learn several skill from this class. For instance, I have learn how to build a structure when you are going to write a paper. I think it is really useful skill for myself. You can see my blog post during this semester that I have several places still need to improve. For example, my first post is not as good as my second post. However, my third one is not as good as second one, because I still need to work on checking. I think my grammar still is not good enough, so I will continue working on this area. I have find several website that they have example essays and papers, then I can learn form them.

I’m looking forward to see you in the BG. Hope you will have a good semester in Spring.

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Italy student

When humans go to a new and different place, their mind will function differently, because human’s mind has a really unique system that it is they will get tired with the same things, environment, persons, and knowledge. When they see new ideas or things, their mind will just turn on. However, human may be afraid to try new stuff, because it is not in their comfort zones.

When Antonio comes here alone, he must feel helpless and isolated with from others. At this time, I should be the one to stand out and help him to get over this process, because I know how difficult it is, and how lonely it can be. I will tell Antonio what he needs to follow in writing classes. I will let him know what he should be aware of, or what he must need to do and mustn’t do. For example, when Antonio gets any problems she doesn’t need to be afraid to ask. He can just raise his hand. Most importantly, he needs to know Academic honesty, because it is really serious topic in the United States. He must need to know never try to copy others homework or answers. The last advice I will give to him that it is to enjoy his life in the United States, especially when he is studying in the ESOL 1000 class.

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I am really interested in Mathematics, so that I chose Actuarial Science to be my major. There are several things people need to know, then you will know why I like math. First, I don’t think math is a boring major. I have a good teacher that he teach and let me know what the secret in the math is and how I can find happiness inside math that most people think it is most boring major in the world. Second, I don’t like to read article, so that it make me really like numbers since I was a child. I always like to think this way that we can make number become not just number. We can make it become money, because money is built on numbers. In my major, people need to know statistics and mathematics. It is a requirement in this major, which I like it.

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Favorite Movie

My favorite movie is OUR TIME that it is Chinese movie. My best friend and I watched this movie and we almost cried, even though my friend and I are both male. In the movie, it was setting background in the 20 years ago and people turn from student to adult. The heroine is a girl not really get attention from male. However, after, she meet her brother’s girl friend, everything change. She starts to notice that she needs to do some make up. Most parts of movie talked about how she tried to get involved with different things and she represent what all students think and speak it out. This movie tells us we need to know that we don’t need to be afraid of trying different things. I think this is one of reasons this movie is my favorite movie.

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The benefits of underground building

Most humans are doing everything for certain reasons, because people like to get benefits from most of the things. Earth is a place that only has a limited amount of area and people need to make those areas become double or more. In the article, they had used environment well and they put water pipes, sewers, electrical wires, and television cables underground. The reason why they do that is this decision can make city look good. Also, people don’t need to worry about that those pipes or iron structures are not easy to break. There are some examples that I think that is similar to the underground ideas. Taiwan is a small country, so we don’t have enough space to build the building that makes us need to go up and go down. For instance, the one going up is Tapia 101, and the one going down will be a subway or Tapia night market. Maybe there are some of the damages that created from those underground stuff. However, I predict there are more benefits than disadvantages.

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My Favorite Teacher

In my life, I had too many people who had taught me something or influence my personality and most of them are my teachers. Everyone of them can be my favorite teacher but if I need to choose one to be my favorite teacher who had to make my life become amazing and he is Mr. Lu. He is my junior high school’s buxiban teacher. Buxiban is similar to supplementary school. Mr Lu is headmaster of buxiban and he teaches me math and helps me to review the class lecture. There are too many reasons why I will choose him to be my favourite teacher, but I don’t think I have enough space to share that so I will pick three reasons to explain that. First, he teaches me how to live happily. Second, he is my first teacher that tell me I should never give up. Third, he makes math that is really boring subject become my interest.


First, Mr Lu teaches me how to have a good life. He had always said if you meet something is bad, you can have two way to pass it. One way is you can think why God make my life really bad or why people did this to me. Another way is we can think about God who want us to be good so he makes this challenge to test us. Those two ways symbolize even we feel angriness or happiness we still need to solve the problem and go to next day so why not we just choose happiness to be the key to having nice day. My life have a huge change after I hear his belief, and when I feel angriness or sadness, I will just think about what he tell me.

Another reason why he is my favorite teacher is that he is the person who tell me to give up mean to lose. Before I know Mr Lu, people never care about what am I doing or thinking. However, he is the first one to tell me if you think something is really hard and make you want to give up before we try it, that mean you will never succeed but if you had to try it that mean you have a chance to win it. After what he say that just like a huge exploration explore in my mind. I feel nothing wrong for trying something because the worst thing is your failure.

Finally, he is the person who make me start to like to do the math. He has his special way to teach people. Even the stuff he teaching is math this kind of boring subject. Before he teaches me I just like most of the student think math is a not useful and most boring thing in the world, however, everything changes when he starts to tell me the secret of math. He makes me want to study math and share this secret with others.

Mr Lu always brings a smiling face on his face that just like nothing can affect his mood and make people feel happiness. He influences my life that makes me be a positive and happy man. I really appreciate what he did to me and I will want to make other people feel in the same way that life is wonderful.

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Hello I’m Steven Wu

Hello everyone! This is my first post in the blog where I will be posting some exciting things I learn in my ESOl 1000 class.


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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