Welcome to the Wildschutte Lab website!

Research in the Wildschutte lab focuses on novel drug discovery and phage therapy. We utilize a bacterial population-level approach and genomic analyses to identify environmental isolates that inhibit multi-drug resistant pathogens.

M.S. and Ph.D. positions are available.


Antimicrobial infections are now a leading cause of death worldwide.

Grant awarded by the NIH for antibiotic discovery!

Salt In My Soul‘ is Mallory Smith’s posthumously published memoir which offers a rare look inside the mind of a young woman who had cystic fibrosis. It is now available to stream.

We recently published a manuscript in which students perform bioinformatics research in a microbiology course. This strategy can be a solution for online teaching. Check it out: Expanding Tiny Earth to genomics: a bioinformatic approach for an undergraduate class to characterize antagonistic strains.

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