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The Absence of War

The Absence of War: “ WikiDan61: {{citations missing|date=October 2008}} ””’The Absence of War””’ was one of the trilogy of [[David Hare]] plays about contemporary Britain performed at the [[Royal National Theatre]] in 1993. The play is based on his behind the scenes observations of the [[Labour Party (UK)]] leadership during their unsuccessful General Election campaign […]

Summer Brave

Summer Brave: “ Cobaltbluetony: tagged for isseus {{importance}} {{one source}} ””’Summer Brave””’ is a play by [[William Inge]], a revision of his [[Pulitzer Prize for Drama|Pulitzer Prize]]-winning 1953 play ”[[Picnic (play)|Picnic]]”. Set in a small town in [[Kansas]] in the early [[1950s]], it focuses on Hal Carter, an attractive young stranger who drifts into town […]

The Fire that Consumes

The Fire that Consumes: “ Emerson7: +initial entry; {{for|the film|La Ville dont le prince est un enfant}} {{Infobox Play | name = The Fire that Consumes<br><small>La Ville dont le Prince est un enfant</small> | image = | image_size = 150px | caption = | writer = [[Henry de Montherlant]]<br>[[Vivian A. Cox]]<br>[[Bernard Miles]] | characters = […]

Duck duck goose (play)

Duck duck goose (play): ” Letsburn00: Wrote a basic plot summery, may have got the girls names mixed up ”’ Duck Duck Goose is a play centering around three individuals, 2 best female best friends, and the young man one of them has sex with. ==plot== Two best friends, Heather and Lucy have reached the […]

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