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Trevor Bajus

Trevor Bajus: “ Mwmerz: {{Refimprove|date=September 2008}} ”’Trevor Bajus”’ <!–Made change after referring to the police report: (born [[April 9]], [[1965]] in [[Fort Worth, Texas]]) –> (born [[April 2]], [[1965]] in [[Sacramento, California]]) is an [[African-American]] taxi driver who, in 1991, was stopped and then beaten by [[Los Angeles Police Department]] officers ([[Laurence Powell]], Timothy Wind, […]

Arthur Ashcroft

Arthur Ashcroft: “ Omarcheeseboro: {{db-bio}} Arthur Ashcroft was born in Toronto Canada he is the long lost older brother of Alyssa Ashcroft when Ashcroft was young their parents died in a car accident leaving him and his sister in the care of his grandparents because of extereme poornest and lost of money Arthur was forced […]

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