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99th Air Refueling Squadron

99th Air Refueling Squadron: “ Ndunruh: creation {{Infobox Military Unit |unit_name= 99th Air Refueling Squadron |image= [[Image:99th Air Refueling Squadron.jpg|200 px]] |caption= 99th Air Refueling Squadron Patch |dates= [[15 July]] [[1942]] – [[1 May]] [[1944]] <BR> [[1 July]] [[1957]] – [[30 September]] [[1973]] <BR> [[1 October]] [[1983]] – Present |country= [[United States]] |allegiance= |branch=[[United States […]

John F. G. Howe

John F. G. Howe: “ 21stCenturyGreenstuff: {{Infobox Military Person |name= John Frederick George Howe CBE AFC |lived= 1930 – date |placeofbirth=South Africa |placeofdeath= |image= |caption= |nickname= |allegiance={{flag|South Africa}}<br>{{flag|United Kingdom}} |rank= [[Air Vice Marshal]] |branch= {{air force|United Kingdom}} |commands= OC [[No. 74 Squadron RAF]]<br>OC [[No. 228 Operational Conversion Unit RAF]]<br>OC [[RAF Gutersloh]]<br>Commandant [[Royal Observer Corps]]<br>Commandant and […]

National Association of Training Corps for Girls

National Association of Training Corps for Girls: “ Pandaplodder: The ”’National Association of Training Corps for Girls”’ was formed in 1940 and was the umbrella organisation for theumbrella organisation was responsible for the ”’Girls Training Corps”’ (GTC), ”'[[Girls’ Nautical Training Corps]]”’ (GNTC) and ”’Women’s Junior Air Corps”’ (WJAC)<ref name=’GVCAC’>{{cite web | url = | […]

Eulogio Balao

Eulogio Balao: “ Mikhailderivera: Senator Eulogio Balauitan Balao was born in [[Tuguegarao City|Tuguegarao, Cagayan]] on March 11, 1907. He is the son of Matias Balao and Praxedes Baluitan. After graduating from the Tuguegarao High School in 1926, he took and passed the entrance examination at the [[Philippine Military Academy]]. Instead of waiting for a year […]

William Y. Slack

William Y. Slack: “ 8th Ohio Volunteers: +cat {{Infobox Military Person |name= William Y. Slack |born= August 1, 1816 |died= March 21, 1862 |image= |caption= |nickname= |placeofbirth= [[Mason County, Kentucky]] |placeofdeath= [[Moore’s Mill, Arkansas]] |allegiance= [[Confederate States of America]] |branch= |branch= [[Confederate States Army]] (aligned) |serviceyears= 1861–62 |rank= [[Brig. Gen. (CSA)|Brigadier General]] |unit= [[Missouri State […]

316th Air Division

316th Air Division: “ Bwmoll3: /* Components */ edited {{Infobox Military Unit |unit_name= 316th Airlift Division |image= [[Image:316ad-emblem.jpg|250px]] |caption= Emblem of the 316th Airlift Division |dates= 1944-1991 |country= [[United States]] |allegiance= |branch= [[United States Air Force]] |type= |role= Command and Control |size= |command_structure= [[United States Air Forces in Europe]] |garrison= |garrison_label= |equipment= |equipment_label= |nickname= |patron= […]

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